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Good news! The website is up and running and a lot of the links have been either fixed, being fixed or will be deleted if they do not work. Should you have any questions, concerns or comments about the website or it's content, please send an email to admin@dodfire.com. The link on the menu to the left called "Updates" shows exactly that! As "Updates" are completed, we will attempt to put them there - so go check to see what has changed since the last time you visited! A couple changes have been made at this time (more to come!) to the overall structure and content, however some things are done better by those who have the same interests as us firefighters. We try to utilize the assets of firefighters in order to maintain the website. We welcome any suggestions you have regarding content or organization.


A lot of personnel use this website to locate Job announcements that may provide opportunities for DOD firefighters. These postings are now kept only back 6 months. If a posting is within 6 months and a representative of the company would like a posting removed a representative of that company must request the removal on a company email.

Send requests to post or remove job announcements to jobs@dodfire.com.

Announcements are posted in good faith that the announcement is valid and are not otherwise validated. Thank you