Firefighters Relying on Jesus Christ

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We will Remember...
The best rendition of this old classic...
Oh How He Loves Us!
This Child can sing!
Putting things in perspective...
Amazing Howard Goodman - "His Grace is sufficient!"
No words necessary...I can only Imagine!
All of Creation!
Today I attended a memorial service for a fallen comrade and heard a beautiful prayer from our Chaplain:

"O Lord Our God, we ask that you fill this solemn moment with the majesty of your presence.Today, we remember _____________, who has given his life to sustain the freedom that we so richly enjoy.We honor _____________ for his life, his service, and his sacrifice, and our hearts are saddened by his loss.We are very mindful that the day of his ultimate sacrifice, could well have been our own.Bring your

comforting Spirit to the families and friends of this courageous Airman, as we entrust them to your care.We pray that this Memorial Ceremony will inspire us to a greater commitment to You and all peace loving people everywhere.Help us to be brave so that our enemies will not succeed. Help us to be wise to solve the difficulties before us as a nation. Help us to be compassionate toward those in need.And help us to be inspired to live by Your Word that oppression might cease, freedom might prevail, and dignity and honor might reign. As Airmen and members of a grateful nation, we dedicate our lives to continued service as a tribute to our fallen comrade.Then we shall know that the hero we honor today will not have died in vain. We offer our prayer in Jesus Name, Amen."

I Need a Savior, by Among the Thirsty...what a great song!� Thank God for such talent that inspires us to seek Jesus always!
Lead Me to the Cross, by Chris and Conrad...another great song reminds us to build our treasures in heaven.� We're all one heartbeat away from the loss of everything we possess!
Born Again, by Third Day...what a great song.
Don't be confused by all the different Christian denominations and the different teachings in those denominations.� What goes on inside church buildings are determined by men and men can't save you.� Focus on what you need to do to be saved...and Christ makes it very simple:� Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, died to pay for your sins, and came back to life.� Then, admit you are a sinner and confess your sins to God; repent (tell God you're sorry and mean it); he will be faithful to forgive you!� This is when you are Born Again and when the Holy Spirit comes to live in you.

When you are born again you are transformed into a new creature that is no longer interested in the sin in the world.� You will change.� If you sin, you'll know it instantly.� The Holy Spirit will convict you so you can repent immediately.

Being saved requires constant vigilance and renewal.� 1 John 3:6 says, No one who lives in Him keeps on sinning.� No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known him."

So, if you're looking for peace, love, harmony, and direction for your life, Christ is your answer.� Find a Christian church that you like and turn your life over to the only one that can save you...Christ Jesus!� Yes, you need to go to need to be with other God-fearing people that can help you keep your life Christ centered!� You can't get this kind of support from your friends or co-workers.
The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns is a reminder that we need to follow the "voice of truth" (Word of God) rather than what the world tells us.

"In Christ Alone" says it all!� It is only through Christ that we can be saved.

The Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig and Dean...what an awesome song!
One of my favorite songs.� When I'm in a dark place (and we all have them) and having a bad day I remember that I am a Child of the King and whom shall I fear?� This is a great rendition of this old classic by the Happy Goodmans.

Here's another great contemporary Christian song by Casting Crowns...East to West.� It reminds us that our God is all-knowing and thankfully, all-forgiving!

Everything will be alright if we confess our dependence on Him...a reminder from Jamie Slocum

The late Vestal Goodman, the Queen of Gospel Music, did the song "God Walks the Dark Hills," that has a wonderful message for those that may be going through a dark period...

Does Anybody See Her by Casting Crowns reminds us that, as Christians, we should offer Christ as a solution to the sin of the world that afflicts us, even within the shadow of our steeple.

Another song, I'll praise Him in the Storm, by Casting Crowns teaches us to be still and wait upon the Lord!

The 2008 Christmas season is upon us and this song, Mary Did You Know?" by Mark Lowry reminds us what the season is all about.

Healing Rain, by Michael W. Smith...a great inspirational song.

If you are a Christ follower, this song, Agnus Dei, by Michael W. Smith, is your anthem.� It is a great song of worship and praise to our Savior.ɦ you're having a bad day, try listening to this song.� It will change your life!

Here's a great song by Matt Redman, You Never Let Go.� It reminds us that He is always with us...even when we forget Him, He doesn't forget us!

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