Welcome to the web site tailored for DoD firefighters!



The DODFIRE.com website sale is complete. The new anonymous owner is currently a firefighter and also a former DOD Firefighter and wants to ensure and his intent is to keep this website within the "family" of DOD firefighters. Should you have any questions, concerns or comments about the website or it's content, please send an email to admin@dodfire.com

Very few changes will be made to the overall structure and content, however some things are done better by those who have the same interests to us firefighters. We try to utilize the assets of firefighters in order to maintain the website. We welcome any suggestions you have regarding content or organization.


A lot of personnel use this website to locate Job announcements that may provide opportunities for DOD firefighters. These postings are generally kept on the website until it is requested to be removed by a representative of the company on company email.

Send requests to post or remove job announcements to jobs@dodfire.com

Please ensure that your posting is in PDF format only (for ease of posting) and ensure all contact information is in your posting. The minimum contact information required is either a direct link to the job posting on the company website OR an email address to the appropriate HR personnel. Also, please ensure that you put the location of the job somewhere on the job posting.

IE: If the application is for multiple locations, just put "Job Locations: Multiple Locations - Kuwait, Afghanistan and Wake Island".

If the posting is for one location just put the one location such as "Job Location: Kuwait". This allows us to put the location on the website for personnel who are interested.

  Any postings which charge fees to the applicant whether for placement, application fee, consideration, etc., will NOT be posted!  

Announcements are posted in good faith that the announcement is valid and are not otherwise validated.

Thank you and Stay tuned for more changes!