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(1 Jun 04) Hack, Richard J. Asst Fire Chief/Fire Protection Specialists, NS Rota ESP I came to Spain from NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach. If you have never been to Spain, you are missing the chance of a lifetime. The folks are great, the food is some of the best in the world. Looking forward to hearing from old friends...
(12 Feb 07) Hader, Curt E., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Correctional Officer, Clark County Jail, Vancouver WA Castle AFB CA, Florennes AB BEL, Peterson AFB CO, Iraklion AS GRC, Ramsten AB DEU, Malmstrom AFB MT
(12 Dec 06) MSgt Hadley, Will District Chief, Eglin AFB FL Holloman AFB NM (89-92), Galena AFB AK (92-93), Sheppard AFB TX (93-99), Tyndall AFB FL (99-02), Goodfellow AFB TX (02-06), Eglin AFB FL (07-...)
(5 Dec 10) Haffner, Glenn F. Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Goodfellow AFB TX Bergstrom AFB TX, Osan AB ROK, Edwards AFB CA, Kunsan AB ROK, Yokota AB JP, Reese AFB TX,  Sheppard AFB TX, DoD Fire Academy, RAF Alconbury GBR & Goodfellow AFB TX
(27 Dec 05 Hagarty, Ray IRR DoD Civilian, Brunswick NAS ME returned from a sixteen month long tour of duty in support of OIF II in April of 2005. was stationed in camp Taji Iraq and BIAP as a firefighter with the us army.  Starting Jan 9 as a DoD civilian at NAS Brunswick ME
(27 Sep 04) Haggerty, James Firefighter, Westover ARB MA USCG/Elizabeth City NC, Griffiss AFB NY
Haggerty, Kevin Station Chief, NAS Patuxent River Frankford Arsenal (77-80), Naval Air Dev Center (80-94)
Hahn, David J. Fire Fighter, Buckley AFB CO AF FF @ England AFB LA (85-87), Lowry AFB CO (87-91), King Salmon AFB AK (91-92); Civ FF @ Tinker AFB OK (01-02), Buckley AFB CO (02-...)
(5 Aug 05) Halbrooks, David Asst Chief for Training, Fort Wainwright AK Cannon AFB NM
(24 Dec 10) Hale, Michael B. Firefighter/HAZMAT Tech, March ARB CA

Nellis AFB NV (96-00), Boeing Anaheim FD (01-02), Indian Springs AFAF (Creech AFB) (02-03), Edwards AFB CA (03-07), Disneyland FD (06-07), Baghdad Fire Rescue/KBR (07-...)

(3 Nov 05) Haleen, Corey L. IRI on-site at Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis MO Spangdahlem AB DEU (firefighter) (93-95), Ramstein AB DEU (Sta Capt/Crew Chief) (95-01), Currently working in Market Research after separation for the AF.
TSgt Hall, Craig S. Asst Chief for Training, Andersen AFB Guam
Sgt Hall, Jeffrey Darrell Drill Instructor, NCRD Parris Island SC ARFF @ Camp Pendleton CA (95-00) REscue/Driver Operator; Interested in anything that deals with the fire or medical svs
CMSgt Hall, Larry D. Fire Chief, 151 ARW/CEF, Utah ANG
(11 Apr 08) SMSgt Hall, Randy W.  IMA, Chief of Ops & Readiness, Maxwell AFB AL; Fire Chief, NAS Jacksonville/NS Mayport FL
Hall, Rich Manager, International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) Tyndall, Chanute, Hahn, Wright-Patterson, Charleston
(6 Sep 10) Halleck, Dante FES Crew Chief, Sharana AFG. Aviano AB ITA, Al Jaber AB Kuwait, Bagram AB AFG, Mosul IQ, Sharana AFG
(5 Jan 06) Hallett, John HAZMAT Specialist, Edwards AFB CA Military - George AFB CA (86-89), Comiso AS Sicily (89-91*), Bitburg AB DEU (91-94), Kirtland AFB NM (94-95), Deployed to Incirlik TUR for Operation Desert Storm (1/91) USAF; Civilian - March ARB CA (96-98), Edwards AFB CA (98-...) Member of the Disneyland Resort FD, Anaheim CA; California State Hazmat Instructor
SSgt Halterman, Jesse R.  Station Chief, Ramstein AB FD GE Eielson, Andersen, Sheppard, & Upper Heyford
Hambelton, Shanon DoD Civ FF, Lackland AFB TX Galena Airport AK (91-92), Kelly AFB TX (92-01), Lackland AFB TX (01-...)
(15 May 04) Hammett, Gabriel E. Civ FF/EMT, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow CA Out of the Army 02/2004. SGT @ Fort Wainwright FD AK. SPC @ Fort Drum FD, 95th/520th deployable Fire Fighting Det w/ 10th Mtn Division, NY. Deployed to Operation Bright Star/Egypt 09-28-01. Graduated LFG Fire Academy, San Angelo TX in 08/2000.
SSgt Hammond, J. Paul Public Education, Collierville FD TN Chaumont AB FR, Dyess AFB TX, Civ: Campbell VFD TX
(18 Dec 05) PO3 Hancock, Andre NAS Whitting Field, Milton FL
SRA Hancock, Jeremy Crew Chief/EMT, Kadena AB Okinawa JP
Hancock, Jonathan  Station Chief, Ft Hood Fire & Emergency Svs, Ft Hood TX AF fire fighter @ Bergstrom (87-91) & Eielson (91-94)
Handley, Kim "Lurch" Fire Fighter, NAS Jacksonville FL Castle AFB CA, Andersen AFB GU, Charleston AFB SC
MSgt Hankins, Dale  Supt, Space Shuttle Rescue Training, Patrick AFB FL
(2 Jan 06) Hanna, Edward Firefighter, Austin FD TX Goodfellow AFB TX (97-00), Eskan Village Saudi Arabia (98 TDY), Osan AB ROK (00-01), Randolph AFB TX (01-02)
(26 Apr 06) Hanna, Randy W.  Fire Inspector, San Angelo TX  USAF Firefighter - 83-92 - Reese AFB TX, Comiso, Cannon AFB NM, Iraklion AS
(22 Dec 08) Hanninen, Eric W., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Safety Specialist, Tinker AFB OK Minot AFB ND (86-88), 1988-1992 RAF Mildenhall GBR (88-92), Eglin AFB FL (92-94), Randolph AFB TX (Safety) (94-98), Osan AB ROK (Safety), Randolph AFB (Safety), Al Udied AB Qatar (Safety), Barksdale AFB LA (Safety)
Hannon, James  67 Crash Rescue, Kimpo Korea (1952-53), USAF FF (1951-1960)
Hannon, James P. Asst Chief/EMT, HAZMAT Director, Atlantic City Apt, Atlantic City NJ
Hansen, Cliff Capt, Sta 3, Fort Bliss TX AD @ Nellis AFB NV (85-87), Shemya AFB AK (87-88), Chanute AFB IL (88-90), RAF Bentwaters UK (90-91); Patch & T-shirt collector/trader
(10 Dec 08) Hansen, Noah Firefighter, Slayer FD, Baghdad Iraq Andersen AFB Guam (02-04), McChord AFB WA (04-06), Salerno AFG KBR (06-07), Portland ANGB WA (07-...)
Hanson, Frank Fire Fighter, March ARB CA McConnell AFB FF
Hardin, Bryan Fire Fighter, City of Iowa City IA Federal FF @ Offutt AFB NE; Airport FF @ Omaha Apt NE; AF FF @ McConnell AFB KS
(17 Apr 06) Hardin, Ken Lead Firefighter, Selfridge ANGB MI Ramstein AB DEU (95-97), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (97-02)
(14 Sep 05) TSgt Hardsaw, Brent Station Captain, Spangdahlem AB DEU Nellis AFB NV (95-98), Shaw AFB SC (98-01), Osan AB ROK (01-02), Shaw AFB SC (02-04), Spangdahlem AB DEU (04-...)
Hardy, Holland Lead FF, Holloman AFB NM (RET) Bitburg (67-70),Eglin (70-73), King Salmon (73), Wiesbaden (74), Sembach (75-77), Canon (77-79)
Hargiss, Russ  Environment & Safety Spec, BAE Systems, Lower Arkansas  former AF FF(86-97) @ Cannon, Fairford, Chanute (Instr 90-93), & Goodfellow (Instr 93-97), Arkansas State Fire Training Academy
Harison, Chris  Fire Fighter, St. Joseph LA
(11 Nov 11) Harkum Arthur E. II Deputy Fire Chief, AF Plant 42, Palmdale CA Malmstrom AFB MT, Shemya AFB AK, Yokota AB JAP, Travis AFB CA, Misawa AB JAP, Kadena AB JAP, AF Plant 42
Harmier, Scott Captain, The Boeing Company, Seattle WA
Harmon, Ed Deputy Fire Chief, McKeesport FD PA Myrtle Beach AFB SC, RAF Fairford UK, Eglin AFB FL, King Salmon AFB AK, Nellis AFB  NV; Currently a FF in Pittsburgh suburb IAFF Loc  #10
(22 Mar 09) TSgt Harp, Norman Asst Chief, Nellis AFB NV Grissom, Ellsworth, Osan, MacDill, Soto Cano
(5 May 11) Harper, Eric C. Deputy Fire Chief, Fort Knox KY March AFB CA, RAF Fairford GBR, Norton AFB CA, Vandenberg AFB CA, Osan AB ROK, Spangdahlem AB DEU, Hill AFB UT, Fort Knox KY
CMSgt Harrington, George L. Reserve Fire Chief, 403 CES/CEF, Keesler AFB MS; Fire Chief, Hattiesburg MS
(29 Dec 06) Harris, Andrew P. Firefighter/HAZMAT Tech, NAS Brunswick ME McConnell AFB KS (90-93), Osan AB ROK (93-94), Hanscom AFB MA (94-00).  TDY - Riyadh SA, San Vito IT
Harris, Bill  Fire Protection Training, St Louis MO
Harris, David D.  Asst Chief for Tech Svs, Dobbins ARB GA
(4 Oct 05) SSgt Harris, Robert K. 916 CES/CEF (AFRC), Seymour Johnson AFB NC; Firefighter/Paramedic, Wilson FD, Wilson NC
(14 Feb 05) SSgt Harrison, William Crew Chief, Andersen AFB Guam Altus AFB OK (98-01), Chievres AB Belgium (01-05)
Hart, Sherby A. Asst Chief, Training/Safety Fire Branch, NSWC Crane IN
(30 Dec 08) Hartkopf, Robert, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Firefighter, Barry Goldwater Range AZ Andersen AFB Guam, England AFB LA, Ramstein AB DEU, Reese AFB TX, Davis Monthan AFB AZ
(15 Oct 08) Hartman, Paul A. Firefighter/EMT, Naval Info Ops Command, Sugar Grove WV North Pole Fire Fd Ak,Ft Wainwright Fd Ak,Mount weather Fd,NSA Souda Bay Greece
Haselden, Darrell L. Asst Chief for Operations/EMT, Naval Weapons Station Charleston  FF @ City of Charleston (4 Yr) & Town of Mt Pleasant (2 Yr) prior to NWSC in 76
(22 Dec 09) Haskin, Matt Asst Chief for Training, Detroit Arsenal Fire & Emergency Services Fort Carson CO (87-89), Fort Wainwright AK (89-92), Fort Lewis WA (92-96), USFS El Dorado National Forest CA (99); Task Force Falcon FD, Kosovo, Macedonia & Bulgaria (00-03); Cheyenne Mt AFS CO (03-06); Korea Area IV Support Activity (06-09), Detroit Arsenal (09-...)
(13 Jun 05) Hatfield, Ronald C., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, VA Medical Center, Chillicothe OH Chievres, Pope, Torrejon, Grissom, & Chanute, Ramstein
(26 Oct 09) TSgt Havens, Jason E. Altus AFB OK

Offutt AFB NE (90-94), Elmendorf AFB AK (94-97), Shaw AFB SC (97-02), Anderson AFB Guam (02-04), Offutt AFB NE (04-08), Altus AFB OK (08-10); TDY's Riyadh (92), Honduras (94), PSAB (98), Kuwait (00), PSAB (01), Manas AFG (03), Kuwait (06), Qatar (07)

(5 Jun 07) Hawkins, Jeffrey, SMSgt USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, WSI, Middle East, Iraq
(29 Nov 08) Hawkins, Patrick A. Firefighter (HAZMAT Tech), NAS Whiting Field FL
Hayashi, Tetsuro  Crew Chief/Station Capt, Kadena AB Okinawa JP
(1 Sep 04) TSgt Hayden, Scott "Tiny" Military Training Instructor, Lackland AFB TX Edwards AFB CA (91-95), Lajes Fld Azores (95-97), Ramstein AB DEU (97-00), Al Jaber KUW (99), Holloman AFB NM (00-03), Ganci AB/Manas IAP KGZ (02), Goodfellow AFB TX (Instructor) (03-07)
(4 Nov 04) Hayes, Craig Firefighter/Paramedic Patch Collector
(14 Feb 05) Hays, Darryl "Todd" Company Officer, Lt., Enid FD OK KI Sawyer AFB MI (89-91), Kunsan AB ROK (91-92), Lackland AFB TX (92-94), Luke AFB AZ (94-97) (Kuwait (9-12/95/96)
(8 Mar 09) Hayes, Lea District Fire Chief, NAS Patuxent River MD Letterkenny Army Depot, Fallujah Iraq, Ar Ramadi Iraq, Hunter Army Airfield Savannah GA, NSA Souda Bay Crete Greece, MCLB Albany GA, City of Albany Fire Department.
(26 Apr 06) Heath, Robert E. Fire Inspector, Fort Lee VA Homestead AFB FL (83-87), Seneca Army Depot (89-92), Fleet combat Training Center Dam Neck (92-00), Homestead AFB FL (00-01), Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (01-05); Still Matches the Fire Safety Clown
Hebertson, David Engineer, Ft Bliss TX Castle, Andersen, Sheppard, King Salmon, Norton, Buckley, & NAS Alameda
Heffner, Curtis Captain, NAS Corpus Christi TX former AF Sgt @ Holloman, Vogelweh, & Altis
Heffner, John E.  Capt, Fire & Em Svs, Ft Ritchie MD
(4 Jun 06) SP4 Heinbuch, Ted Anne Arundel County FD MD Military FF @ Fort Riley KS (1971); interested in WWII Army Fire Apparatus; WWI and WWII military fire apparatus historian - web site
(24 Dec 09) Heise, Nathan L. Crash Rescue Specialist, 128 ANG, Milwaukee WI  
MSgt Helgerson, Ken Asst chief for Tech Svs, USAF Academy CO
Hembroff, Ronald  Capt, 127 Wg, Selfridge ANGB MI
(26 Nov 06) Hemby, David Lt, Truck 2, Sta #2 Midway Park, Camp Lejeune NC
Hemond, Bruce D. Rescue Crew Chief, Westover ARB MA Medic @ Six Flags in New England
(21 Oct 05) Hemphill, C.F. "Chuck," SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Non-firefighter, Clovis NM Fairchild AFB WA, Moran AB ESP, Luke AFB AZ, DaNang AB RVN, Spangdahlem AB DEU, Kirtland AFB NM, Lowry AFB CO, AK, Edwards AFB CA, Hahn AB DEU, Cannon AFB NM, Kunsan AB ROK, Mather AFB CA
Henderson, David W., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired in Keeseville NY 12944-2646 Retired Mil 84; Ret Civ 95; Glasgow AFB MT (61-64), Tinan AB Taiwan (64-65), Travis AFB CA (65-67), Kadena AB JP (67-71), Malmstrom AFB MT (71-74), Hahn AB GE (74-77), Kunsan AB KO (77-78), Plattsburgh AFB NY (78-84); Civ Fire Chief, Plattsburgh AFB NY (90-94).  Chairman PAFB FD Reunion 2003 Cmte; this will be the 2nd reunion of ALL FOROMER ASSOCIATES, mil & civ from opening in 1955 to closure in 1995.  Contact me for additional info.
SSgt Henne, Andrew J.  NCOIC Fire Supply, Station Capt, Alt Asst Chief for Ops, Malmstrom AFB FD, Great Falls MT Ramstein & Upper Heyford
SMSgt Henthorn, Steve Reserve Fire Chief, 507 CES FD, Tinker AFB OK; Tinker AFB Fire Fighter
(10 May 08) Herbert, Matthew "Herbie" Firefighter, Camp Merrill, Dahlonega GA NAS Key West (97-99), Hunter AAF GA (99-04), Fort Greely AK (06-08), Camp Merrill GA (08-...)
(29 May 07) Herman, David J. Fire Inspector, Buckley AFB CO AD: Pope, Torrejon; Civ: Schriever, Peterson
Hernandez, Daniel DoD Civ Fire Fighter, Lackland AFB TX Lackland AFB TX (82-83), Comiso Sicily (83-84), Lackland AFB TX (84-85)
(1 Jun 08) Herrera, Anthony D.  Firefighter EMT-D, Naval Medical Center San Diego CA I collect Ball Caps and T-Shirts along with helping my wife in her sales job web site and spending time with my kids
(7 Jul 05) Hester, Dean Crew Chief, Travis AFB CA Chanute AFB IL (Fire School) (78), Travis AFB CA FD (FF/D-O/CC (78-83), Pease AFB NH FD (D-O/CC) (83-86), Travis AFB CA FD (D-O/CC) (87-...)
(2 Nov 06) Hickey, John Fire Chief, Champion Township Fire Department, Warren OH Dover (90-92), Upper Heyford (92-94, & Mildenhall (94-96), Youngstown ARS OH (96-03)
Hicks, John  Fire Chief, Dobbins ARB GA
Sgt Hicks, Mike Lebanon TN Howard AFB Panama, Maxwell AFB AL
(31 May 05) SrA Hiddemen, Robert Driver/Operator, 177th FW (ANG) Atlantic City NJ McGuire AFB NJ
(12 Mar 05) Higdon, Jeff Driver/Operator, Hurburt Fld FL Eglin AFB FL (95-04)
Hildreth, Robert, MSgt USAF, Ret Asst Chief, Hanscom AFB MA Bentwaters, Shaw, Hellenikon, Alconbury, KI Sawyer, Kunsan, Hanscom
(8 Oct 05) Hill, Anthony Asst Chief, Camp AS Sayliyah Doha Qatar
(26 Jan 10) Hill, Darrin W. Fire Prevention, Camp Arifjan Kuwait Previously deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman
(31 Oct 05) Hill, Fred Jr., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Dept of Interior, Denver CO Firefighter (76-82); Andersen AFB Guam, Hurlburt Fld FL, Dover AFB DE
(9 Aug 04) Hill, Garry Firefighter/EMT, Wright Patterson AFB OH Eglin AFB FL (93-03)
(16 Oct) Hill, Gregory M. Engineer, Homestead ARB FL Kadena (85-92), Loring (92-94), March (94-98), Homestead (98-?)
Hill, Lloyd M. Active Crew Leader, Bonogin Valley Rural Fire Brigade, SE QLD Australia
Hill, Thomas J., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Home AFB, Baker FL Grand Forks AFB ND, Pforzheim GE, Eglin AFB FL, Tempelhof GE, Phu-Cat RVN, Eglin AFB FL, Kunsan AB ROK, Kirtland AFB NM, Eglin AFB FL, RAF Lakenheath UK, Columbus AFB MS
(2 Oct 05) Hilliard, David P. Firefighter, Fort George G. Meade F&ES
(26 Jan 10) Hiltner, Timothy B. Firefighter (EMT HMT), Ft Leavenworth KS

U.S. Air Force 1996-2000 Lackland AFB TX, Kunsan AB ROK, Soto Cano Honduras.  Civilian contractor 2001 Kosovo, 2002-2004 Manta Ecuador, 2004-2006 Bagram Afghanistan, 2006 Djibouti Africa, 2007-2008 Kuwait.  DoD GS 2009-2010 Ft Leavenworth Kansas

Hilton, Steve Fire Inspector, Ellsworth AFB SD Bentwaters & Eglin
PFC Himelrick, Joshua US Army Firefighter, Fort Wainwright F&ES AK Love for the job!
TSgt Himmel, John Fire Inspector, McChord AFB WA
(18 Jun 09) Himmelberger, Mark, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Instructor, State of Maryland, DLLR, Waldorf MD Barksdale AFB LA (72-76) Fire Service, Anderson AFB Guam (73) TDY 6 mo Fire Service, Chanute AFB IL (76-82 & 83-87) Fire Instructor, Shemya AFB AK (82-83) Fire Service, Andrews AFB MD (87-92) First Sergeant

Retired USAF 1 SEP 92

Instructor for the State of Maryland, Department of Labor, License and Regulations; Job Service, Early Intervention (Cover Letters, Resume, Job Search Skills)

Hines, Peter Firefighter/EMT, Fort Jackson SC Former SSgt; RAF Lakenheath GBR (90-93), North Airfield SC (93-99); Deployed to Diyarbikar TUR, Zakho Iraq, Thumrait Ohman
(21 Feb 10) MSgt Hines, Thomas E. III  Logistics, Seymour Johnson AFB NC Rhein Main AB GE (89-93), Eglin AFB FL (93-00), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (00-02), Kimhae AB ROK (02-03), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (03-10)
Hinshaw, Matthew K. FF/EMT, Cow Castle FD, Bowman SC
(10 Apr 07) Hinson, Thomas E., SMSgt USAF (Ret) Retired Retired USAF Fire Fighter
(20 Aug 06) Hjulberg, Tod A, Technician at Boston Scientific Corp, Maple Grove MN Charleston AFB SC (88-93), Rhein-Main AB DEU (93-96), Columbus AFB MS (97); Separated 11 Dec 97; Currently living in Zimmerman MN; Married (Diana) w/2 kids, Jacob, Ella.  Work at Boston Scientific as Mfg Tech
(27 Nov 05) Hoag, Thomas Station Capt, Ventura County CA Castle AFB CA, Travis AFB CA, Point Mugu CA , King Kahlid RSAF
(5 Apr 08) Hodges, Charles E. Watch Desk Supervisor, Montgomery County Dept of Public Safety AF FF 79-88, Brooks AFB TX (80-82), RAF Weathersfield GBR (82-84), Homestead AFB FL (84-86), Chanute AFB IL Instructor (86-88) Civ. FF Seneca Army Depot (91-94), Mt Weather (FEMA) (94-99)
(1 Jul 05) Hodgden, Mike Son of an AF Fire Pioneer, M.E. (Mice) Hodgden, TSgt, USAF (Ret), deceased in 1999, served in the USAF from 47-71
Dad served at:  Craig AFB AL (47-49), Eglin AFB (Operation Greenhouse) Main/Duke Fld (49-51), Eniwetok (Task Force 3.4.1 Operation Greenhouse) (51-52), Kirtland AFB NM (52-53), Nome Field AK (53-54), Turner AFB GA (54-58), Sembach AB DEU (38 TMW) (58-62), Wurtsmith AFB MI (62-65), RAF Mildenhall GBR (65-68), Eglin AFB Duke Fld/Main (Fire Prevention) (68-71)
(25 Jul 10) Hodgson, Michael, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Fire Chief, Dobbins ARB GA Misawa JP, Luke AFB AZ, Patrick AFB FL, Yokota AB JP, McGuire AFB NJ, San Vito ITA (Provide Promise), San Vito ITA (Joint Guard), UGA Fire Safety Office
Hoelle, Ronald (USAF RET) Instructor, DOD Fire Academy (fire inspector course), Goodfellow AFB TX Eglin, Elmendorf, Chanute (rescue course instr), Andersen, Lackland
Hofe, Jason Driver Operator, Andrews AFB MD Mil @ Andrews (97-01), Ail Al Salem Kuwait (99), Al Dhafrah UAE (00)
(23 Mar 11) Hoff, Bradley Clear AFS AK AD Air Force FF:  Eielson AFB AK (91-94), Minot AFB ND (94-98), Clear AFS AK (98-99).  DoD Civilian:  Ft Greely AK (99-00), Ft Wainwright AK (00-11), Clear AFS AK (11-...)
SrA Hoffman, Daniel Fire Alarm Comm Center Operator, Elmendorf AFB AK
(24 Dec 10 Hoffman, Henry Fire Chief, DDSP Fed FD, New Cumberland PA USMC FF (84-88), Ft Indiantown Gap FD (89-97)
(26 Jun 04) Hoffman, James Firefighter, Tinker AFB OK
Hoffman, Ryan T.  Fire Fighter/EMT, Spangdahlem AB GE
(26 Mar 08) MSgt Hoffmaster, Doug Battalion Chief, Elmendorf AFB AK Grissom AFB IN (92-94), Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (94-97), Kadena AB JAP (97-00), Malmstrom AFB MT (00-02), Eielson AFB AK (02-05), Soto Cano ABS HON (05-06)
(25 Jul 10)Hogan, Neil R. Fire Chief, Columbus AFB MS Shaw AFB SC, Eglin AFB FL, SRAF Alconbury GBR, RAF Molesworth GBR, RAF Menwith Hill GBR
(18 Sep 10) TSgt Hogan, Ulysses Asst Chief for Ops, Incirlik AB TUR
Hoke, Dennis Deputy Chief, Buckley AFB CO USAF:  Kingsley Fld OR (74-77), Peterson AFB CO (77-80), Andersen AFB Guam (80-82); Civ:  Moffett Fld CA (82), Buckley ANGB CO (82-83), Lowry AFB CO (83-85), Chicago O'Hare IAP-ARS IL (85-87), Fire Chief - Ft McCoy WI (87-91), Fire Chief - US Army Alaska (91-97), Dep Chief - Anchorage FD Alaska (97-02), Dep Chief - US Army Hawaii (02-04)
SSgt Holdenried, Stephen Logistics, Ramstein AB GE Scott AFB IL
Holliday, Jack Jr., Lt, Marion Twp Fire Dept, Marion OH 179th TAG, OH ANG
(8 May 04) Holliday, Timothy D.  Deputy Fire Chief, March ARB CA Holloman AFB NM (81-83), RAF Greenham Common GBR (83-85), Laughlin AFB TX (85-86), Long Beach NS CA (87-88), March AFB/ARB CA (88-...)
SRA Hollingsworth, George A. Lead Fire Fighter, Malmstrom AFB MT
(9 Jun 04) Holloway, Kelley Airport Firefighter, 165th AW/CEF, Savannah GA Cannon AFB NM
MSgt Holman, Randall L. Asst Chief for Ops & Readiness, Minot AFB ND
(12 Jan 08) Holmes, Michael S. Firefighter, Naval Weapons Station Earle NJ USMC Crash Crew, Camp Pendleton CA; F&ES Camp Pendleton CA; F&ES Naval Weapons Station Earle NJ
Holmes, Mike, MSGT, USAF (Ret) Double Retired, Willits CA USAF Fire School - Lowery AFB CO (1960), RAF Chelveston UK (60-62), Sembach AB GE (62-63), Kinchole AFB MI (63-65), Cam Rhan Bay RVN (65-66), Castle AFB CA (66-70), Ramstein AB GE (70-74), Vandenberg AFB CA (74-76), Campion AFS AK (76-77), Vandenberg AFB CA (77-9/81 (Retirement)); Fire Capt @ Dept of Forestry (10/81-12/02 (Retirement Again).  Airborne Fire Fighter (64-66 & 70-72)
Holt, Wando (Deceased, 21 Apr 03)

Mrs. Jane Holt


Retired, Bon Aqua TN

Reykjavic (1946), Kelly Fld Sta #4, TX; Hobbs AAFB NM, Griffis AFB NY, North Field (Andersen) Guam, Selfridge AFB MI, Sewart AFB TN, Ashi Japan, Eglin AFB FL, Sembach GE, Ramstein, GE, HQ USAFE, Weisbaden GE, Offutt AFB NE, Chaumont FR, Nellis, JFHA JP, Williams AFB AZ, Nakkon Phenon Thailand, Retired @ Andrews AFB MD in 1975
(6 Mar 10) Holter, Jeffrey L.  Firefighter, Portland Airport FD OR NAS Whidbey Island WA, NSA Souda Bay Crete GR, Castle AFB CA
Holthaus, Tony Fire Fighter, Wright-Patterson AFB OH Tyndall AFB FL (89-93)
Holzwarth, Rick, MSgt USAF (Ret) 50 CONS, Schriever AFB CO Richards-Gebaur AFB MO (73-77), Shemya AFB AK (77-78), San Vito AS IT (78=81), Lackland AFB TX (81-82), Chanute AFB IL (82-89) Instructor - Chiefs, HAZMAT, Inspectors courses
SSgt Holtz, Daniel  Asst Chief for Tng, 161 ANG, Sky Harbor IAP, Phoenix AZ
(8 Oct 05) Hood, Greg A. Firefighter, National Naval Med Cent - Bethesda MD
MSgt Hook, Daniel E.  Asst Chief, Rickenbacker IAP FD, Columbus OH Bentwaters, Alconbury, Torrejon
Hoover, Terry Fire Fighter/EMT, Wayne Township FD, Indianapolis IN Retired Fire Fighter/EMT/Chauffer, German Township FC, Evansville IN
Hopkins, Ben Driver/Operator, FE Warren AFB WY Past bases:  5 yrs @ Tracen Cape May NJ, 3 yrs @ MCLB Albany GA, 2 yes @ Elizabeth City NC - USCG, 2 yrs @ WSMR NM, 2 yrs @ FE Warren AFB WY HAZMAT Tech/IC; Patch Trader
Hopkins, Ron Fire & Safety Engineering Technology, Eastern Kentucky University
(27 Nov 05) Hopple, Earl, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired in Alabama! Chateaurous AB FRA (56-60), Maxwell AFB AL (60-64), Stewart AFB NY (65), Shemya AFB AK (66), George AFB CA (67), RAF Wethersfield GBR (68-69), Fairchild AFB WA (70), Galena AFB AK (71), Rickenbacker AFB OH (72-76), Zweibrucken AB DEU (77-82), Fire Marshal at an Institution for State of PA (84-01); Retired to the Great State of Alabama...  
SSgt Horosky, Adam Asst Chief (A), Al Dhafra AB UAE
(28 Aug 08)) Horrigan, Sean District Chief, Eglin AFB FL Eglin AFB FL (92-99) & Lajes Fld Azores (99-01), Shaw AFB SC (01-02), Goodfellow AFB TX (Instr duty) (02-06)
Horton, Jerry D/O-Capt, Defense Distribution Center, Tracy CA (DDJC) Hickam AFB HI (90-97), Osan AB ROK (97-98), Eglin AFB FL (98-00); AFR @ Travis AFB CA (01-...); GS-6 with DLA 
(17 Jul 11) Houston, Ryan D. Engineer/EMT, Travis AFB CA Beale AFB CA (05-11)
(8 Aug 08) Howard, David C Firefighter Paramedic, Rock Island Arsenal IL VAMC Tomah Fire Protection Inspector; Savanna Army Depot Firefighter Driver operator
Howard, Henry (Hank), MSgt USAF (Ret) Retired, Vallejo CA Kirtland (58-59), Indian Springs (59-60), Chelveston (60-64), Grand Forks, ARRS Det 21, Ubon Thailand, Don Maung (64-65),  Tan Son Nhut, 38 ARRS, Det 14 (65-66, 67), Bin Thuy RVN Det 10, Ellsworth (67-69) Alconbury (69-73),  Vandenberg (74-75), Osan (75-76), Norton (76-78) - Retired.  BC @ Santa Barbara City CA (78-82), Benicia CA Fire Chief *82-89), Sunrise FL Fire Chief (89-94), Lodi CA Fire Chief (94-96) - RETIRED
Howe, Steve Lieutenant, Ft Riley KS USAR 51M; Kaposvar Airfiled, Hungary (95), Camp Lac Delicias Honduras
Howell, Charles Fire Fighter/EMT, Bushnell Fire Protection Dist, Bushnell IL Former USN FF
1st Lt Howland, Mark Air Ops Flight Commander, Altus AFB OK Former AF Firefighter, Osan AB ROK (90-91), Travis AFB CA 91-94), TDY to Soto Cano AB Honduras (11/91-4/92), Goodfellow AFB TX  Instructor (94-99), Soto Cano (99-00), Schriever AFB CO (00-02)
TSgt Hoy, Douglas J. FF/Station Capt, PA ANG, 193d Special Ops Wing, Harrisburg IAP PA Collector of job-related T-Shirts & FD Coins - in search of AFSOC & 16 SOW Coin
(8 Nov 08) Hubbard, Ron Lt/Driver Operator, Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown VA Fort Lewis WA (83-84), Honduras (84-87), Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely AK (87-93), Mare Island NSY CA (93-94), Manchester Fuel Depot WA (95-00), Fort Carson CO (00-02), Fort Richardson AK (02), Fort Eustis VA (02-06)
(19 Jun 06) Hubka, Vern Asst Chief for Operations, Malmstrom AFB MT Elmendorf (84-93), Dover (93-00), Malmstrom (00-...)
(22 Dec 09) Hudson, Debra A. (Simpson) Fire Inspector, 402 AFSB IQ

Fire Inspector NAS Memphis, Fort Stewart Firefighter NAS Miramar, NAS Memphis Firefighter for U.S. Forest Service at Descanso and Glencliff in the Cleveland National Forest Ramona Helitack crewmember

(20 Oct 05) SrA Hudson, Jack Firefighter, Shaw AFB SC Andersen AFB Guam (00-02), Hickam AFB HI (02-05), Shaw AFB SC (05...)
(3 Sep 06) Hudson, Steven Firefighter/EMT, NAS Pensacola FL NAS Whiting Field FL; Patch Collector
(11 Dec 06) Hudspeth, Douglas R., TSgt USAF (Ret) Firefighter/EMT, Kennedy Space Center Fire Dept., FL Eglin AFB FL (85-89) King Salmon AFS AK (89-90), Patrick AFB FL (90-97), Soto Cano AS Honduras (5/90-7/90), Peterson AFB CO (97-05); Also deployed for Operation Desert Fox, Southern Watch, and Iraqi Freedom
(14 Sep 05) Hudspeth, Michael Fire/EMT, Liveoak Co. Goodfellow AFB TX (94-95), Columbus AFB MS (95-97)
(20 Feb 11) Huetter, Mark S. Lead Fire Prevention Specialist, Salerno, AFG Patrick AFB FL (98-01), Cheivres BEL (01-02)
Hughes, Christopher V. Fire Inspector, Eglin AFB FL Holloman AFB NM, Comiso AS Sicily, Myrtle Beach AFB SC, Kadena AB ROK, Ramstein AB GE, Andersen AFB Guam, Eglin AFB FL
(11 Jan 05) Hughes, David L., MSgt USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, GM Powertrain, Defiance OH Chanute AFB IL (82-85), Tonopah Test Rng (85-89), Offutt (89-94), Cairo West (90-91), Goodfellow AFB TX (Instructor); AF Retired 11/03.  Stay Safe Firefighter!
(2 Aug 06) Hughes, James P. Fire Lt., Youngstown ARS OH Dyess AFB TX (86-88), RAF Lakenheath GBR (88-92)
(28 Jan 05) Hughes, Marc Firefighter, Fort Bragg NC FE Warren AFB WY (97-00), Louis F. Garland Fire Academy - San Angelo TX (00-04); Civ: Fort Bragg NC (05-...)
(17 Jul 07) Hugo, Greg Program Manager for ACES-FD, HQ AFCESA, Tyndall AFB FL
(24 Feb 09) SMSgt Humphrey, Ryan D. Fire Emergency Svs Manager, 4th AF, March ARB CA  FF/Paramedic, City of Santa Ana CA; Fire Safety Officer, Disneyland Resort CA
(19 Jul 06) Hunt, Melvin (John), MSgt, USAF, (Ret) Asst Chief for Operations, Creech AFB NV Rhein Main AB GE (X 2), Castle AFB CA, Myrtle Beach AFB SC, Malmstrom AFB MT, Thule AB Greenland, Hurlburt Field FL, Nellis AFB NV
(17 Dec 08) Hunter, Patrick Lead Firefighter, Bell Helicopter, Hurst TX Carswell AFB TX (84-94), Arlington TX FD (retired) (73-00), Bell Helicopter (00-...)
Hurd, James Theater Deputy Fire Chief, U.S. Department of State (DoS) Base Life Support Systems (BLiSS) Program - Iraq Projects, Iraq MacDill (96-00), Dugway Proving Ground (01), Scott AFB (02), Indian Springs AFAF (Creech AFB) (02), Balkans (02-04), Iraq (04-05, 07-11), Afghanistan (12), Iraq (14-Current)
(22 Jun 06) Hurt, Chris J. Fire Inspector, NTS, NV FE Warren AFB WY (96-99), Ramstein AB DEU (99-01), Minot AFB ND (01-04)
Hurst, Gene Battalion Chief, Klamath Falls OR Sheppard (80-82), Kadena (83-86), Cannon (87-90), Fire Chief @ Fresno (92-00)
Huskisson, Shawn Fire Capt, Sheppard AFB TX Sheppard AFB TX (87-91), Galena AFS AK (91-92), Sheppard AFB TX (92-96); Civ @ Sheppard AFB TX (96...)
Hutfilz, Bill, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Airport Tng Officer, McCarran IAP, Las Vegas NV
(5 May 06) Husted, Edward K. Driver Operator, Eglin AFB FL
Sgt Hyde, Todd C. Fire Fighter/Paramedic, City of Hialeah, Hialeah FL DoD Civ @ Homestead AFB/ARS FL (94-98); Mil @ Bergstom AFB TX (90-92), Osan AB ROK (89-90), Columbus AFB MS (87-89); Collects Patches