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(23 Jun 05) Lachance, Louis Lt/Paramedic, MA USAF Fire Protection 92-96 @ Loring AFB ME, Andrews AFB MD and Saudi Arabia
(24 Feb 09) LaConte, James D., CMSgt,  USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, NAS Sigonella ITA
(23 Nov 06) Ladd, Robert L. Firefighter/Paramedic, Los Angeles City FD, Los Angeles CA RAF Upper Heyford GBR (85-88), March AFB CA (88-90), Shemya AFB AK (91-92), LAFD (00-...)
(5 Nov 11) LaFrance, Roland R

Veteran USAF firefighter 72-77; disabled firefighter-medic & LPN

Air Force firefighter 1972 - '77. Was stationed at Loring AFB, ME, with a TDY to Andersen AFB, Guam in '73. Was in AFRES firefighting flight at Westover AFB, MA in '76 - '77. Trained at Chanute AFB in '72, and returned in '74 for P-2 school. Was trained as an EMT-A at Loring for Rescue crew duties in '75. My father is a retired firefighter, and I was also on the same city dept. as he after I left the AF. Many family members were or are involved in the fire & emergency services. I am now disabled due to a line-of-duty injury some years ago in civilian fire service. I collect firefighting memorabilia, patches, equipment, books, die-cast models, and also build models.

SSgt Lagua, Michel Crew Chief, Kadana AB Okinawa JP  Norton, March, McChord, & Kunsan
(31 Jul 05) TSgt Lahoda, Erik ANG, Stewart ANGB NY Iraklion AB Greece, Spangdahlem AB DEU; Active Duty 92-96
(26 Aug 07) MSgt Lambert, John D. Firefighter/Paramedic, Goldwater AFAF, 4th AF, March ARB CA Malmstrom AFB MT,  Davis Monthan AFB AZ, Luke AFB AZ, March ARB CA
(1 Apr 07) Lambert, Michael P. Retired NAS Brunswick, VA Hospital Tomah WI, Ramstein AB DEU, Duluth AFB MN
Land, Jimmy P. Fire Fighter, Randall County Fire/Rescue TX Rhein-Main AB GE (92-95)
(1 Apr 09) SMSgt Landolfi, Dominick Deputy Chief (IMA), 4 CES/CEF Seymour Johnson AFB NC; Lt, Melbourne FL FD Columbus AFB MS (87-92), Nellis AFB NV (92), Cannon AFB NM (93-96), Moody AFB GA (96-08)
(23 Mar 11) Lane, Donald A., SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, JB Lewis McChord WA RAF Greenham Common GBR (82-84) Mt Home AFB ID (84-85) RAF Greenham Common GBR (85-91)MacDill AFB FL (91-94)RAF Alconbury GBR (94-95) FE Warren AFB WY (95-98) HQ AFSPC Peterson AFB CO (98-01) RAF Lakenheath GBR (01-04) Udairi AAF Kuwait (04-07) Ft Lewis WA (07-11)
Lane, Lee Driver, Jonesboro AR FD AF FF at England AFB - 86-92
(13 Feb 11) Lane, Ronald M., MSgt USAFR (Ret) Fire Chief, Manta, Ecuador Barksdale AFB LA, Qatar, UAE, Ecuador, Honduras, Moody AFB GA, Travis AFB CA, Norton AFB CA, Charleston AFB SC, Laughlin AFB TX, Loring AFB ME, Keesler AFB MS, Alpena MI, Gulfport MS, Savannah GA, Otis ANGB MA, Rhein Main AB DEU, Torreon AB ESP, Kwang Ju AB ROK, Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg MS
Lanehart, Chester Retired GS-7, Andrews AFB MD
(31 Jul 05) Lang, Timothy MSgt, USAFR, (Ret) Asst Chief (Ret), NAES Navy Lakehurst NJ
(6 Sep 08) SMSgt Langford, David Deputy Fire Chief, Will Rogers ANGB OK Keesler AFB MS, Kunsan AB ROK, Carswell AFB TX, Tinker AFB OK, Deputy Fire Chief @ Will Rogers ANGB OK
Lanford, Kevin, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Orange Beach Fire Rescue
(22 Aug 05) SrA Lankelis, Ryan Driver Operator, Soto Cano AB Honduras Fairchild AFB WA (03-05)
Lankford, John  Retired USAF Fire Fighter, Shelby NC
LaPlante, David Station Chief, Moody AFB GA Moody since 90; Desert Shield/Storm; went civilian in 95 - been here ever since
MSgt Larkin, Frank E. Deputy Fire Chief, McGuire AFB NJ  Loring, Malmstrom, Kunsan
Larsen, Doug Civ - Info Tech Edwards (76-79)
Larson, Desiree A. Fire Prev Inspector/Educator, McConnell AFB KS Forbes AFB KS (75-82), Ft Riley KS (82-87), McConnell (87...)
TSgt Lasecki, James Crew Chief - Rescue, Travis AFB CA RAF Mildenhall UK (88-90), Andersen AFB Guam (90-91), Mather AFB CA (91-93), McConnell AFB KS (93-00), Travis AFB CA (00-...)
(15 Dec 07) Lashua, Raymond A., Jr. Firefighter/Paramedic, Milton MA FD, Local 1116 Columbus AFB MS (91-95), Khamis Mushayt Saudi Arabia (92), Soto Cano Honduras (93), Kadena AB JP (95-97)
(29 Apr 05) LaSure, Thomas Station Chief, Davis Monthan AFB AZ RAF Greenham Common GBR (75-77), RAF Alconbury GBR (77-80), Holloman AFB NM (80-85); Civilian - Holloman AFB NM (87), Davis Monthan AFB AZ (87-...)
(18 Dec 07) Latendresse, Louis M., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Prevention Inspector, FE Warren AFB WY F.E. Warren AFB WY (74-78), MacDill AFB FL (78-79), Iraklion AB TUR (79-81), F.E. Warren AFB WY (81-94), F.E. Warren AFB WY (95-...)
(10 Sep 07) SSgt Laughlin, Matthew Firefighter, 117th FW, NJANG Ramstein AB DEU (97-02)
(18 Dec 07) Laven, Michael E., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Lieutenant, White Sands Missile Range, NM AF Fire School (10/85), Dyess (12/85-3/89), Otis ANGB (10/89-10/90), Gila Bend (10/90-4/94), FE Warren (Civ & AFRC) (4/94-2/00), Patuxent River NAS (12/97-9/98), Camp Able Sentry (KFOR) MK (2/00-8/00), National Inst of Health (10/00-3/06), White Sands Missile Range NM (3/06-...)
Lavin, Steve E. Station Chief - Retired AF FF - Orlando AFB FL &, Hahn AB GE (66-70); Civ FF - NAS Moffett Fld CA (79-84), Travis AFB CA (84-01); Patch Collector 
(26 May 05) Levins, Michael E., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Marshal, City of High Point NC McGuire AFB NJ, Shemya AFS AK, Saudi Arabia (Shield/Storm), Kuwait (Storm), Fort Dix NJ Air Mobility Warfare Center
(14 Mar 10) Lawler, Mark S. DoD Fire Chief (Ret); Raytheon Polar Fire Chief currently Chanute AFB IL - Basic Fire School (10/72-2/73), Barksdale AFB LA (73-74), Hickam AFB HI (74-76), Kwajalein (77-81), Hickam AFB HI (81-02), Yokota AB JAP (02-09), RPSC (02-...)
Lawrence, Robert H. II, Fire Fighter/EMT, Naval Station Mayport
(30 May 05) A1C Lawrence, Todd Driver Operator, Malmstrom AFB MT Malmstrom AFB MT, Goodfellow AFB TX, Sheppard AFB TX, Ali Al Salem AB Kuwait
(4 Apr 05) Lawson, Peter Bad address as of 17 Jul 11 Fire Capt, Victorville FD CA Maxwell AFB AL (79-81), King Salmon AFB AK (81-82), George AFB CA (82-83).  Now a city firefighter asgnd to the old George AFB which is now Southern California Logistics Airport
Lazier, John, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire/HAZMAT Analyst, SAIC/Guardian Mather AFB CA (79-81), RAF Alconbury UK (81-86), MacDill AFB FL (86-92), Shemya AFB AK (92-93), DoD Fire Academy @ Goodfellow AFB TX (93-98), Currently working as Contr on the Mil Improved Response Program
TSgt LeBarre, Steven B-Shift Station Capt, Laughlin AFB TX
(26 Aug 07) Lebeck, Paul A., MSgt, USAF (Ret) College Student, Sacramento CA Spangdahlem AB DEU (86-88), Maxwell AFB/Gunter AL (88-93), Clear AFS AK (93-94), Hurlburt AFB FL (94-99), Cross-trained to Electrician at Barksdale AFB LA (99-05), Andersen AFB Guam (05) Retired...find me on MySpace
Lebel, James Firefighter/EMT, Pensacola NAS FL Eglin AFB FL, Westover ARB MA
Ledford, Mark, SMSgt, USAF (RET) Asst Chief for Training, Holloman AFB NM Active Duty: Shaw AFB SC, Dover AFB DE, Okuma (1st to PCS in), Dover AFB DE, Kadena AB JP, Randolph AFB TX, Andersen AFB Guam & Randolph AFB TX.  Civ:  Holloman AFB NM
Ledsome, Aaron Driver/Operator; NREMT; HAZMAT T-t-T Lackland AFB TX AD RAF Mildenhall UK (92-96); E-911 Dispatcher, Wayne Co WV (97-98); DoD Civ FF:  Kelly AFB TX (99-01), Lackland AFB TX (01-...)
(25 Jul 10) Lee, David Retired Firefighter 1999 Alameda NAS, Lowry AFB CO Fire Inspector; Fitzsimons AMC, Chief of Fire Inspection; Denver Fed Center FD; US Forestry Smoke Jumper (68-99)
(21 Mar 05) TSgt Lee, Dewey Moody AFB GA Cannon AFB NM, Whellus AFS HI, Clinton Sherman AFB OK, Udorn RTAB Thailand, Travis AFB CA, RAF Upper Heyford GRB, Kirtland AFB NM, Sheppard AFB TX, Minot AFB ND, Ellsworth AFB SD; Civil Svs:  Minot AFB ND, Fort Rucker AL, Moody AFB GA
(15 Feb 05) Capt Lee, Jerry Tanker Missions with AMC - Selfridge ANGB MI/RAF Molesworth GBR, Scott AFB IL  PCS:  RAF Chicksands GBR, Tyndall AFB FL, Comiso AS ITA, Cannon AFB NM, Selfridge ANGB MI.  TDYs: Chanute AFB IL, Sheppard AFB TX, Lackland AFB TX, Goodfellow AFB TX, Ali Al Salem, Al Udied, As Asilya, K2, Kirtland AFB NM, & Key West FL
Leibensperger, Steven C. Driver Operator, Schriever AFB CO AF FF @ Eielson (96-2000
Leighton, Carl Driver/Operator, Redstone Arsenal AL Dugway Proving Gnds UT, Eglin, Clear, Pease
(26 Aug 06) A1C Lemmer, Ryan B Firefighter/EMT, Andrews AFB MD
SSgt Lenci, David M Medievalist
(26 Feb 09) Lencke, James M., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Deputy Fire Chief, Offutt AFB NE RAF Mildenhall GBR (80-86), Offutt AFB NE (86-93), Osan AB ROK (93-94), Offutt AFB NE (94-...)
(4 Apr 11) TSgt Lent, Robert A. Asst Chief for Ops, 174 CES, Syracuse NY RAF Upper Heyford/RAF Croughton GBR (84-87),Seymour Johnson AFB NC (87-88), Griffiss AFB NY (Reserve unit) (88-93)
Leslaw, Dec T. Capt, Main School of fire Service, Warsaw, Poland
(23 Mar 11) Leslie, Nick S. Firefighter, Butler VA Medical Center, Butler PA Active Duty:  Seymour Johnson AFB NC (3/98-4/01), PSAB SA (10/99-12/99), Clear AFS AK (4/01-5/03), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (6/03-8/04).  Reserve:  Dover AFB DE (9/04-7/06), Youngstown ARS OH (7/06-...) TRAB (01/11-05/11).  CIVILIAN:  Regional Fire Inspector, Ft McCoy WI (03/06-12/07)
Lesniewski, Mark Fire Fighter/EMT-B, Hamburg VFD, Marathon County WI
(3 Apr 06) TSgt Lessen, Jacob Firefighter, Springfield IL FD; ILANG, 183 FW Bergstrom AFB TX (90-93), Bergstrom ARS TX (93-95), Lincoln IL FD (97-03), Springfield IL FD (03-...)
TSgt Lewis, Andrew Asst Chief, Soto Cano AB Honduras Seymour Johnson (89-90), Lajes Fld (91-93), Shemya (93-94), Elmendorf (94-97), Peterson (99-01)
Lewis, Dana Fire Fighter, Niagara Falls IAP-ARS NY Canandaigua V.A. Med Center Fire Rescue, Canandaigua NY, USMC Base Hawaii/Kaneohe Bay ARFF
Lewis, Daniel HAZMAT Supv, GS-07, Niagara Falls ARS NY
Lewis, Dave Asst Chief for Ops, Naval Air Station Brunswick MA
Lewis, John Crew Chief, Columbus AFB MS Robins, Columbus
Lewis, Michael Fire Fighter, Enid OK; HAZMAT Instructor, OSU Guam, Bergstrom, Mt. Home & Tinker
Lewis, Randall Fire Fighter, NAS Fallon NV U.S. Navy for 10 yrs stationed in Japan and NV; on USS Midway, USS Indepandence, NAS Atsugi, NAS Fallon 
Lewton, Jason T. Fire Fighter, Clay Township, Mainland MI
(14 Mar 10) Liana, Matthew Firefighter (HMT/BLS), Fort Campbell KY Nellis AFB NV (97-98), RAF Lakenheath GRB (98-01), Grissom ARB IN (05-07), Schriever AFB CO (07-08), Fort Stewart GA (08-09), Fort Campbell KY (09-...)
Libby, David ARFF Fire Fighter, ME-ANG Bangor IAP ME ME Dept of Forestry (75-78), NALF San Clemente Island (78-82), Sgt ME-ANG (87-00), Op Desert Shield (90), Loring AFB (TDY) (87-??), Civ Bangor IAP ANGB
Libby, Larry A. Fire Chief, NSGA WH ME Loring & Pope
Lifer, Chad Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Cincinnati/Northern KY IAP FD; A/C for Operations, 47gth FTW, Laughlin AFB TX
(3 Sep 06) Lillie, Tim H., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Ops, Scott AFB IL Ellsworth AFB SD (78-83), Galena AFS AK (83-84), McConnell AFB KS (84-91), Tonopah Test Range NV (91-92), Bitburg AB DEU (92-94), Whiteman AFB MO (94-99), Holloman AFB NM (99-02), Langley AFB VA (03-06), Scott AFB IL (06-...)
Limerick, Paul I. Fire Fighter/Chaplain, Quantico Marine Corps Base Any other DoD Fire Chaplains out there?
(14 Feb 11) Linardy, Bud J. Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Fort Huachuca AZ Beale AFB CA, Westover AFB MA, Ellsworth AFB SD, Indian Mountain AK, George AFB CA, Bitburg AB DEU, Offutt AFB NE, Plant 42 CA, USIS, Fort Huachuca AZ
Lindsey, Peter J. Engineer, Sta #4, Ft Bliss TX Patch Collector
(25 Mar 08) Lindstrom, Robert (Bob) G. Fire Chief, Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City OK Active Duty July 81- April 92; Ellsworth AFB SD, Kunsan AB ROK ,Kelly AFB TX, King Salmon AFB AK, Eglin AFB FL (Det 2 Bratt)
(11 Apr 06) Linn, Kyle Capt, Engine 7, BP Exploration, Prudhoe Bay AK Malmstrom AFB MT (92-93), Elmendorf AFB AK, Prince Sultan AB (2-6/98)
(7 Feb 10) TSgt Linta, Jason Asst Chief for Ops, Peterson AFB CO Eglin AFB FL (95-99), Spangdahlem AB DEU (99-01), Peterson AFB CO (01-...);  TDY:  Ali Al Salem Kuwait (00), San Vito ITA (98), Aviano AB ITA (99), Doha Qatar (02-03), Cairo EGP (05), Balad AB IQ (08)
(12 Nov 08) Listerman, Stephen Asst Fire Chief, Cincinnati/NKY IAP Torrejon AB ESP (84-86) Plattsburgh AFB NY (86-92)
(5 Nov 11) MSgt Liston, Michael Deputy Fire Chief, Fairchild AFB WA Davis Monthan AFB AZ (92-93), RAF Mildenhall GBR (93-98), Langley AFB VA (98-01), Ramstein AB DEU (01-06), Soto Cano Honduras (06-07), RAF Mildenhall GBR (07-11)
(29 Dec 09) SSgt Little, Adam F. ANG & DoD Civ Firefighter/EMT, Charlotte NC ANG/Sunny Point Army Terminal  
(9 Oct 04) Little, Michael J. Active Duty, USS Ronald Reagan/Naval Base Coronado CA Working on my Fire Science Degree. Would like to earn my EMT licenses. I would like to be a Fire Science Investigator.
Livingston, Frank. EFO Retired Started DoD fire service with the Department of Army as a civilian at Fort Leonard Wood in 1965-1973. Then I transferred to Lowry AFB from 1973-89; moved to Castle AFB in 1979-80 (Asst Chief); then to Norton AFB 1980-84 (Asst Chief); Whiteman AFB 1984-1984 (6-months Asst Chief) then to FLW as fire chief 1984-90; Korea as Chief, Fire Protection. I came back to the Marine Corps Logistics Base, GA from 1992-1994 when I retired.
Llewellyn, Len Fire Inspector/Arson Investigator, Lynbrook NY
Lloyd, Michael H. Crew Chief, Offutt AFB NE Clear, Carswell ARS, NAS Dallas, Mather, Sharpe Army Depot, NAS Moffett Field, Elmendorf, March
SMSgt Loar, Ralph III 442 CES FD, Whiteman AFB MO; Engineer/Paramedic, Grandview MO
(24 Feb 09) Lofquist, Steve KBR Fire Inspector, Jalalabad AFG Peterson AFB CO (92-94), Kunsan AB ROK (95), Nellis AFB NV (96-99), Barksdale AFB LA (99-03), Osan AB ROK (03-04),Minot AFB ND (04-05). CSA (05-06). KBR now
(23 Mar 11) Loftus, Steven H. Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Mpls-St Paul ARS MN Retired USAF Firefighter
Logan, Harry A. Asst Chief, Marrs Township Vol FD, St. Philip IN
TSgt Lohrman, Tony Station Chief, Elmendorf AFB AK Rescue Instructor & Eglin Fire Fighter
A1C Lomas, Benjamin M. Firefighter/Extinguisher Maint Tech, Holloman AFB NM
Long, Fred NCOIC Alarm Maintenance, Beale AFB CA
(11 Jan 09) Long, Michael R. Driver Operator, Camp Speicher Iraq Former AF E-4 - Goodfellow AFB TX (83-85), Spangdahlem AB DEU (85-88), Langley AFB VA (88-92), Dover AFB DE (AFRC) (02-04)
Long, Rodney C. Fire Inspector, Dobbins ARB GA Mil:  Reese AFB TX (86-89), Galana AFS AK (89-90), Eldorado AFS TX (90-91); Mil:  Robins AFB GA (91-96), Dobbins ARB GA (96...)
(24 Feb 09) Look, William "Bill" Living in Colorado Maxwell AFB AL (79-82), RAF Fairford GBR (82-84), Maxwell AFB AL (84-91), cross trained into space command (91), Holloman AFB NM (91-92)
(16 Dec 06) SSgt Lopardi, Chris Instructor,  DoD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX
(3 Sep 04) Lopez, Juan Carlos Aguila Bombero ARFF Sei Tarija Bolivia, Jefe SEI ARFF Aeropuerto Int Cap Oriel Lea Plaza  Bombero ARFF/ Bombero voluntario SAR BOLIVIA/BOMBERO FORESTAL/PARAMEDICO/ intercambiar experiencias
Lorite, Antonio Crew Chief, Moran AB Spain
(11 Apr 08) MSgt Lotocki, Michael J. IMA Firefighter, Hurlburt Fld FL; City of Buffalo NY Firefighter, Truck 6 Active FF 86-91,RAF Mildenhall GBR (86-90), Barksdale AFB LA (90-91) (Desert Storm), NYANG Niagara Falls NY (91-01), IMA @ Seymour Johnson AFB NC (01-03), Hurlburt Field FL (03-...). City of Buffalo NY FF, Ladder 6, (96-...)  NY State Fire Instructor, Volunteer FF w/ Scranton
(28 Aug 07) SSgt Loughlin, Matthew Firefighter, 177th FW, NJ ANG Ramstein AB DEU (97-02)
(24 Jan 09) Lovett, Gary P. Asst Chief for Ops, King Fahd IAP KSA Washington DC Fire Dept., Eskan Village KSA, Camp Julian Afghanistan, LSA Anaconda, Tallil AB , USMC Camp Fallujah, USAF Aux. Air Field Ascension Island; Fire Inspector/Arson Investigator, NIH, Bethesda MD
Lovato, Jeff Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Los Angeles County FD, Station 92C FF @ Bitburg (87-90)
(15 Jul 06) Lowery, Michael D., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Anchorage AK Whiteman AFB MO - FF/Rescue  (76-79), RAF Fairford GBR - Rescue/Station Chief (79-82), Mountain Home AFB ID (82-85), Shemya AFB AK - Asst Chief (85-86), Elmendorf AFB AK - Fire Inspector/Asst Chief/Logistics (86-94)
(11 Nov 10) Lowry, Randall, J., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, NAS Corpus Christi TX Clark AB PI (86-89), Chanute AFB IL (89-93), Peterson AFB CO (93-96), Osan AB ROK (96-97), Peterson AFB CO (97-01), Misawa AB JP (01-07); Rural Metro Fire Dept., Grant County IAP, Moses Lake WA
(4 Apr 05) TSgt Lubbers, Paul G. Instructor, HAZMAT TtT Course, DoD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX Sembach AB DEU (89-91), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (91-93), Osan AB ROK (93-94), Ellsworth AFB SD (95-97), Hickam AFB HI (97-00), Grand Forks AFB ND (00-03), Goodfellow AFB TX (03-...)
SSgt Luetkemeyer,Matthew J. Fire Fighter, Charleston AFB SC
Luisi, Ralph Fire Capt, Quantico Fire/Rescue, Quantico MCB Engineer @ Ft Ord FD, Ft Ord CA
(29 Nov 04) Lute, Troy Loss Control Spec, E&J Gallo Winery, Modesto CA
Lybrook, Kevin Tuscaloosa AL FD GS-06 @ McGuire
(13 Jan 10) TSgt Lyle, Christian R. Military Training Instructor, 322 TRS, Lackland AFB TX Seymour Johnson AFB NC (96-99), Spangdahlem AB DEU (99-04), Tyndall AFB FL (04-06), Misawa AB JAP (06-09), Lackland AFB TX (09-...); TDY:  Oman (98), PSAB (00-01), Al Jaber (01-02), Salem (03)
(30 Nov 10) Lyman, Chris J. Deputy State Fire Marshal, Roseburg OR

Sheppard AFB TX, Travis AFB CA, Moffett Federal Airfield (NASA), KBR Fire Services (Yugoslavia), Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal

(8 Jul 04) Lyons, Jason D Firefighter, Fort Steward GA St. John's Fire Rescue, Charleston SC (92-94), Colleton County Fire Rescue, Walterboro SC (94-96), Parris Island Fire Rescue SC (96-99), Ft Steward F&ES, Ft Stewart GA (99-...)
Lyons, Jerry K. Fire Fighter-paramedic, City of Great Falls MT