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SSgt MacBrayne, Michael Station Chief, RAF Lakenheath GBR Osan AB ROK, Beale AFB CA, Ali Al Saleem Kuwait, Karshi-Khanabad Uzbedistan
(2 Feb 08) MacConaugha, David K., TSgt, USAF (Ret) 911 Dispatcher, Fort Knox KY FE Warren AFB WY (64), TUSLOG Det 116 TUR (66), Otis AFB MA (67), Albrook/Howard AB PAN (69),  Whiteman AFB MO (73), Lajas Field AZO (74), Rickenbacker AFB OH (75), Sembach AB DEU (77), Little Rock AFB AR (81); Retired 1Dec 86 @ Little Rock AFB AR
(21 Aug 04) MacKichan, Shane Firefighter, Vancouver BC, #8 Hall (downtown) Interested in Fire Apparatus Photography - previously a volunteer F/F [at] Surrey BC, Hall #3
Macek, Paul Crew Chief, Peterson AFB CO Bentwaters
(31 Aug 06) MacConaugha, David K, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Gate Guard, Fort Knox KY FE Warren AFB WY (64-65), Chigli AB TUR (TUSLOG Det 116) (66-67), Otis AFB MA (67-69), Howard/Albrook AB PCA (69-72), Whiteman AFB MO (72-73), Lajes Azores (73-74), Rickenbacker AFB OH (74-77), Semback AB DEU (77-81), Little Rock AFB AR (FF/Rescue/Fire Inspector (81-86), Retired on 1 Dec 86
(4 May 10) MSgt MacCudden, David M. Asst Chief for Readiness, 128 ARW, Milwaukee WI

Offut AFB NE (96-00), 128 ARW Milwaukee WI (00-...); All locations around the desert from PSAB to Kirkuk

(13 Dec 06) Macek, Paul Fire Inspector, USAF Academy, CO
(8 Nov 10) Maciorowski, William Deputy Fire Chief, Ft Lee VA Vogelweh AS DEU, Grand Forks AFB ND, Andersen AFB GU, Falcon AFS CO, Schriever AFB CO, Otis ANGB MA, Fort Drum NY
Maciorowski, Robert #2457, Ex-Volunteer FF, Peterborough NH FD
(24 Mar 05) Macpherson, Jeff Crew Chief, McGuire AFB NJ Kinchloe AFB MI (73-75), Udorn RTAFB Thailand (75-76), Clark AFB PI (76), McGuire AFB NJ (76-79); Civ:  McGuire AFB NJ (80-...); Bagpiper
Maddison, Geraint  Fire Fighter, Narrogin Vol Fire & Rescue, Western Australia
Madison, Bart Fire Fighter, East Greenwich Fire Dist, East Greenwich RI
Madison, James F. Fire Fighter, Newport Naval Station, Newport RI Davis Monthan AFB AZ (87-89), Kunsan AB ROK (90-91), Plattsburgh AFB NY (91-93), Kunsan AB ROK (93-97), Columbus AFB MS (97-01), Quonset ANG
Madore, John Lead Fire Fighter, Randolph AFB TX
(29 Nov 08) Magreevy, Michael D., MSgt, USAF (RET) Retired E-7, USAF KI Sawyer AFB MI (70-75), Grissom AFB IN (75-76), King Salmon AFB AK (76-77), Rickenbacker AFB OH (77-79), Offutt AFB NE (79-81), RAF Mildenhall UK (81-86), Vandenberg AFB CA (86-91), Various TDYs to Soto Cano, Greece, Gulf War vet; Retired 10/91.  Moved to Brandon FL; Working for Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office;  Enjoy Scuba Diving, puttering, tying to contact old AF FF friends
(8 Aug 08) SSgt Mahaffey, Joseph AF Station Capt/Navy Fire Fighter, Dover AFB DE/NAS Oceana VA Andersen AFB Guam (02-03), RAF Lakenheath UK (03-06), Dover AFB DE (512 AFRC) 06-...), Kirkuk Iraq, Al-Udeid, Qatar (05) Siaulau Lithuania (06), NAS Oceania
(14 May 06) Mahaley, Steve, TSgt, USAF, (Ret) District Coordinator, San Mateo County (CA) Officer of Emergency Services Web Site
TSgt Maher, Robert J. Jr. Fire Inspector, Ramstein AB GE
(31 May 10) Mahoney, Vincent Retired, Offutt AFB NE Richards Gebaur AFB MO (72-74), 162 TFWTG, Tuscon AZ (74-76), Eaker AFB AR (90-91), Offutt AFB NE (76.09); Add retired from Fire service at Offutt AFB, NE May 30 2009. Now active as Officer in American Legion and Legion Riders. Enjoy helping with Veterans causes and ensuring our Military past and present get the respect due to them.
Malecki, Greg Driver Operator, Westover ARB MA
TSgt Mallach, Kenneth L. USAFR, Crew Chief, 6 CES/CEF, MacDill AFB FL
Mallinger, Michael Lt., Niagara Falls IAP-ARS NY
(7 Feb 09) Malone, Olin HAZMAT/Safety Officer, Goodfellow AFB TX Andrews AFB MD (92-96), NAS Patuxent River MD (96-00), NSA Souda Bay Crete GRC (00-05), Goodfellow AFB TX (05-...)
(18 Sep 10) MSgt Mandell, Christopher NCOIC Logistics, Davis Monthan AFB AZ Edwards AFB CA (90-92), Shemya AFB AK (92-93), Aviano AB ITA (93-96), Peterson AFB CO (96-00), DoD Fire Academy (00-04), Aviano AB ITA (04-07)
(3 May 11) Manera, David Firefighter EMT, Ramstein, Germerheim, Semback DEU
Manfredi, Anthony P. Jr. Fire Inspector, Mystic FD, Mystic CT
Manibusan, Joey A. Capt, HAZMAT Officer, Guam FD
(28 Oct 06) Manns, Shannon Firefighter, Fort Campbell KY Ft Eustis, Ft Lee VA
(5 Nov 11) Marberry, Jimmy D, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, Livingston TX

My last duty assignment was Boston. I joined The USAF on 6/6/66 and was found disabled on 1/31/90.

(27 May 06) Marcos, Andrew G. Firefighter, Sheppard AFB TX Laughlin AFB TX (97-00), Ali Al Salem (6/98-10/98)
(26 Aug 05) Markiewicz, Bob Lead Firefighter, Niagara Falls ARS NY USAF from 67-71; Clinton-Sherman AFR OK, Beale AFB CA, Andersen AFB Guam, Hickam AFB HI, NY ANG (6/72-12/91).  Looking for old friends.
SMSgt Markley, Tim Fire Protection Advisor, Saudi Aramco Eglin AFB FL (77-79), RAF Woodbridge UK (79-81), Chanute AFB IL (81-82), Pope AFB NC (82-85), Taegue AB ROK (85-86), Altus AFB OK (86-89), Sembach AB GE (89-94), Langley AFB VA (94-97)
Markott, Kyle Fire Fighter/EMT-D, Miller Place NY
Marotta, Samuel, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired Plattsburgh (74-75), Hickam (75-78), Dyess (78-80), Shemya (80-81), Plattsburgh (81-85), Mather (85-89), Shemya (89-90), Plattsburgh (90-94) Retired in the local area
(6 Sep 10) Marra, Anthony J., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, USAG Fort Huachuca AZ USAF Fire Protection (72-96), Mather AFB CA, Andersen AFB GU, Travis AFB CA, RAF Greenham Commons UK, McClellan AFB CA, Chanute AFB IL (FD), Osan AB ROK, Kunsan AB ROK, USAG Camp Humphreys ROK, USCG Fort Huachuca AZ
(11 Jun 08) SMSgt Marrero, Clemente Risk Management Div Chief, Vandenberg AFB CA Terrejon AB ESP, Edwards AFB CA, Chievres AB BEL, MacDill AFB FL
Marshall, Brian P. Asst Chief for Ops, NAS Kingsville TX Ex AF SSgt FF [at] Nellis AFB NV (83-88), Comiso AB IT (88=90), Sheppard AFB TX (90-92); Contract FF [at] Taif SA (93-94); Civ FF [at] Reese AFB TX (96-97), Ft Bliss TX (97), NAS Kingsville TX (97-...)
(23 May 08) CMSgt Marshall, Randall D., Sr. MAJCOM Fire Chief,  HQ USAFE, Ramstein AB DEU Laughlin AFB TX (82-83), King Salmon AFB AK (83-84), Plattsburgh AFB NY (84-91), Galena AFS AK (91-92), Dyess AFB TX (92-97), Langley AFB VA (97-03), Al Udeid AB Qatar (03-04), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (04-05), Aviano AB ITA (05-07), Ramstein AB DEU (07-...)
(6 Sep10) Marsilio, Joe Asst Chief for Ops, Detroit Arsenal MI

Hickam AFB HI (96-01), Westover ARB MA (01-03), NS Newport RI (03-05), Detroit Arsenal MI (05-07), NSA Naples Italy (07-09), TDY to Japan, Honduras, Italy, & UAE during AF career

(28 Nov 04) SSgt Martin, Adam R. Station Captain, Elmendorf AFB AK Hurlburt Fld FL (8/98-8/02), Elmendorf AFB AK (8/02-7/05)
(10 May 09) Martin, Brandon Firefighter, Fort Detrick MD Laughlin AFB TX (01-05), PSAB (03), Al Udied AB Qatar (03), Kirkuk AB Iraq (04-05), Grissom ARB IN (05-07), Mechanicsburg NSA PA (08-09)
(3 Jul 08) SSgt Martin, John E. Firefighter (EMT), KY ANG, Louisville KY Andersen, Scott, Kuwait, Oman
Martin, John S. Capt, March ARB CA
Martin, Mike, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired Anderews AFB MD, RAF Upper Heyford/Croughton GBR, Lackland AFB TX; Currently working in field service 
Martin, Paul D. Deputy Chief, NYS Fire Marshal's Office Active Duty USAF - Elmendorf AFB AK, NORAD-CMC, Hanscom AFB MA; DoD Civ - Naval Sub Base New London
(21 May 09) Martin, Ron Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Luke AFB AZ Previously; Fire Chief @ Moffett/Onizuka AS, Sunnyvale CA
(10 Oct 09) SrA Martin, Russell (Joey) Engineer/CEP, Camp Verde Fire District RAF Lakenheath UK (90-92), Kirtland AFB NM (92-93), Yuma Proving Gnd AZ (94-96)
(26 Jun 09) Martin, Thomas C. "Tommy" Asst Chief for Ops, Curacao FOL, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Ex USAF SSgt: Maxwell AFB AL (98-99), RAF Mildenhall GBR (99-02), Ellsworth AFB SD (02-03); TDY to Bagram AB Afghanistan (11/02-7/03); Manta FOL Ecuador (03-05), Camp Monteith, Kosovo(2/05-12/06, Shaw AFB, SC (1/07- 6/07), Malmstrom AFB, MT (9/07- 2/08), Curacao FOL Curacao Netherlands Antilles (7/08-...)
(4 Mar 05) Cpl Martinez, Andres Firefighter, Camp Navistar, Kuwait
Martinez, Roger HAZM,AT/Safety Officer, Dyess AFB TX Patch/T-Shirt/Coin Collector & Trader; Woodcrafter - Flag Cases, Shadow Boxes & Coin Holders
SSgt Martino, Michael Fire Fighter, RI ANG Quonset Point USAF Academy CO (98-00) (Security Police), Sheppard AFB TX (94-98) (Security Police)
Martinson, Marty Fire Fighter/EMT, Camp Pendleton CA FD US Forest Service (85-87), Camp Pendleton FD (87-89), NAS Alameda FD (89-93) Kwajalein Atoll FD (93-98)
Maryott, Jim  Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Hill AFB UT
SSgt Mason, Chad E. Bradley Fld CT (ANG) USS Nassua LHA-4 (94-98), CT ANG FD (98...); AMR Northeast CT, EMT-I, AD [at] Nellis - in AEF
Mason, Craig Fire Fighter/Driver Operator, Spangdahlem AB GE
CMSgt Mason, Dana F. Fire Chief, 94 CES/CEF, Dobbins ARB GA
(27 Oct 05) Massenberg, Trenton Firefighter, National Naval Medical Center FD, Bethesda MD Galena AFS AK (87-88), Hurlburt Fld FL (88-90), Andrews AFB MD (91-93), 459th CES (AFRC) Andrews AFB MD (93-95), Prince Georges County FD MD (93-95), NNMC Bethesda MD (99-...)
MSgt Mastroni, Hugh A. 3C3X1 CDC Writer, Keesler AFB MS Edwards, Chanute (Instructor), Shemya, & Andersen
(25 Jun 11) Mater, Michael C., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, USAF Academy CO Sheppard AFB TX, Hahn AB DEU, Eglin AFB FL, Osan AB ROK, Kadena AB JAP, Andrews AFB MD, USAF Academy CO; AF Retired - 2006
(2 Jan 06) Mathews, Jake Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Ramstein AB DEU
Mathews, Jim Fire Fighter/EMT, Fairfax County VA Fire & Rescue  ex-174th TFW, NYANG
(10 Aug 09) Mathis, Robert Fire Fighter/EMT 3, Kodiak AK Ellsworth AFB SD (90-94), Kulis ANGB AK (94-01), FF Portland ANGB OR (01-04), Umatilla Chemical Depot FD OR (01-05)
Matthews, John Base Fire Chief, 131 FW, MO ANG, St. Louis MO
Mathews, William Engineer, March ARB CA Bitburg AB GE (86-89), Altus AFB OK (89-90
(15 Jun 05) Mathieu, Kevin Asst Chief for Training, Combat Center FD, 29 Palms CA Former E-5 in USAF Fire Protection, previous assignments included:Fort A.P. Hill, VA; Sheppard AFB, TX; Lajes Field, Portugal; McGuire AFB, NJ; Kunsan AB, ROK and Vandenberg AFB, CA
MSgt Matlock, Kevin W. Asst Chief for Ops, Ellsworth AFB SD
(2 Mar 05) Mattie, Mark J., MSgt, USAF (Ret) USPS, Clearwater FL Pease AFB NH (72-73), RAF Welford UK (73-75), Reese AFB TX (75-77), Chanute Fire School IL (77-81), Kunsan AB ROK (81-82), RAF Alconbury UK (82-85), Chanute AFB IL (FD) (85-88), Lajes Fld AZ (88-90); Retired [at] Brooks AFB TX (90-94)
MSgt Maxim, Dennis J. Crew Chief, 910 CES (AFRC), Youngstown-Warren ARS OH
Mayberry, Dennis Fire Marshal, Chrysler Canada FD, Windsor, ON Canada
TSgt May, Ivan 190th ARW, KS ANG; Civ FF, Ft Riley KS McConnell, Eaker, Williams, Pope, Carswell
May, Michael Firefighter/EMT-I, Fort McPherson/Fort Gillem GA Lackland AFB TX, Kelly AFB TX, City of Del Rio TX FD
(5 Nov 11) Mayer, Derek Cutler Fire & Emergency Services ME US Army Military Police, 772 MP CO. AF FDs - Hanscom AFB MA, Westover ARB MA. Navy FDs - Newport Naval Station RI.  Army FDs - Fort Hood TX, Camp Edwards MA, Fort Devens MA Fort Dixx NJ, Fort Polk LA.  USMC FDs - MCAS BEAUFORT SC.
(1 Dec 07) McAfee, Jacob S. Firefighter/EMT/Capt, USAF Plant 42, Palmdale CA Firefighter: MCAS Yuma AZ (99-02), Firefighter: Ali Al Salem/Al Jabar Kuwait (02-03), Firefighter/Engineer: MCAS Camp Pendleton CA (03-05), Asst Chief: Anbar Province Iraq (05-06), Station Captain: MCAS Camp Pendleton CA (06-10/07- 11/07), USAF Plant 42, Palmdale CA (11/07-...)
(28 Nov 04) TSgt McAllister, John P. 
Crew Chief, MacDill AFB FL Luke AFB AZ (88-92), Shemya AFB AK (92-93), Hickam AFB HI (93-96), MacDill AFB FL (96...); TDYs to Howard AFB PAN, King Fahd, Kuwait City, Khamis, Taegu, Chong Ju, Dharan, Shaikh Isa, Al Dhafra (4)
McAllister, Robert A., SMSgt USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, Columbus AFB MS
PFC McBrayer, Cody AD Army, Ft. Wainwright AK FF, Louis F. Garland Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX
(11 Oct 05) McCammitt, William E., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Training, Fort Bragg NC
(4 Jan 07) McCarthy, William H. Retired Firefighter from Alexandria VA DC ANG, Andrews AFB MD (56-58); Lowry AFB CO (Fire School) Class 22507; Active Duty Air Force (3 Mar 58 - 20 Sep 62): Clinton-Sherman AFB OK (58-60), Torrojon AB ESP (60-62)
(29 Apr 05) McCarty, Paul Station Capt, White Sands Missile Range FD NM USCG Kodiak FD AK (94-96), NAS Ft. Worth/Dallas FD TX (97-01); Fire Inspector for SMU in Dallas TX (01); Fire Inspector at White Sands Missile Range NM
McCarty, Robert L.  FF South River, NJ AF Fire Fighter - Eielson & Tyndall
McCauley, Russel GS-6, Selfridge ANGB MI Peterson, Mildenhall, Tuzla, Prince Sultan, and AlKharj
(6 Apr 09) MSgt McCauley, Sean A. Asst Chief for Health & Safety, Scott AFB IL Kadena AB JP, Lackland AFB TX, Laughlin AFB TX, RAF Lakenheath GBR, Soto-Cano AB Honduras
(5 Jul 08) McCauley, William L., MSgt USAFR (RET) Retired; Sedro Woolley WA 446 CES/CEF, McChord AFB WA
McCaw, Michael J. Airport Fire Fighter, 193d SOW, Harrisburg PA State Civ FF
CMSgt McChan, R. L. (Bob) II Reserve Fire Chief, 442 FW (AFRC), Whiteman AFB MO
(25 Aug 05) McCleary, Bryce Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation Norton AFB CA (90-92), Galena AFS AK (92-93), Fairchild AFB WA (93-03), Dept of the Interior (03-...)
(26 Nov 06) McClintock, Erik S. Asst Chief for Ops, NCBC Fire Rescue, NCBC Gulfport MS Pohakuloa Trainign Area HI (92-93), Fort Rucker AL (93-97), Fort Greely AK (97-99), Yuma Proving Ground AZ (99-00), Fort McCoy WI (01-03), Fort Sam Houston TX (03- Present)
McCollins, Reginald B. Fire Fighter/EMT-I, IMA SSgt, Las Vegas NV
McCormack, Rob Deputy Fire Chief, McGhee Tyson ANGB TN Terrejon AB SP (87-90), Seymour Johnson AFB NC 90-97)
(6 Sep 09) McCoy, Ronald S. Firefighter/Driver Operator/HAZMAT Tech & IC/RT II/Crew Chief, Eglin AFB/Duke Fld FL Kadena (03-05), Hurlburt FLD FL (05-06), Duke Field FL (06-...), Eglin AFB FL (07-...)
(25 Jun 11) McCullough, Gene E. Retired GM-13; City Councilman, Huachuca City AZ - reelected 4 times A2C 57150 Schilling AFB KS (62-63), A2C 57150 Andersen AFB Guam (63-65), GS-4 at Sierra Army Depot CA (65-55), Vol FF Huachuca City AZ (76-81) - from tailboard to Asst Chief
(26 Sep 06) McCrosson, James P., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Safety Office, FAA WJH Technical Center, Atlantic City NJ Chanute AFB IL (Fire School) (75), Langley AFB VA (75-79), Bitburg AB DEU (79-82), Eglin AFB FL (82-95), Palmerola AB Honduras (86-87), CORONET DRAKE (88), King Faisal AB Tabuk KSA (Desert Shield/Storm) (90-91), Kamis Mushait KSA (94)
SSgt McCune, Richard AF Reserve Firefighter, Barksdale AFB LA Prior active duty 1978-1984 (Missile Systems Tech & Ground Radio Tech). Entered AF Reserve and cross trained to Firefighter in Feb 2001.
(28 Aug 06) McDaniel, Eric Deputy Chief, Dobbins ARB GA
(9 May 07) McDonald, Laurent R., SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Certification Program Manager, NFPA, Quincy MA Malmstrom AFB MT (83-85), Osan AB ROK (85-87), Misawa AB JP (87-89), McClellan AFB CA (89-91), Howard AFB ROP (89-90), RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge GBR (81-93), RAF Mildenhall GBR (98-96), Dharahn/Riyadh Saudi Arabia (95-96), Dover AFB DE (96-01), Fire Prot Career Fld Mgr, Tyndall AFB FL (01-04)
(14 May 04) SrA McDonald, Sherman III Crew Chief, Soto Cano AB Honduras Cannon AFB NM, Osan AB ROK, Yokota AB JP
McDougal, John Fire Chief, FE Warren AFB WY Ellsworth AFB SD (81-84), Shemya AFB AK (84-85), Chanute AFB IL (FD) (85-87), RAF Upper Heyford UK (87-89), Chanute AFB IL (Instr) (89-91), O'Hare ARS IL (91-96), McConnell AFB KS (96-02)
McElhannon, George D., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired Bergstrom AFB TX, Howard AFB, Panama, Maxwell, Hahn AB GE, RAF Fairford UK, Mt Home AFB ID
McGarvey, Kevin Asst Chief for Training/Safety, Stewart ANGB, Newburgh NY Yokota AB JP (78-80), Plattsburgh AFB; Patch Collector
(30 Dec 06) TSgt McGinnis, Timothy Asst Chief for Ops, RAF Lakenheath GBR March AFB CA (91-96), Keesler AFB MS (96-98), Kunsan AB KO (98-99), Randolph AFB TX (99-02), Misawa AB JP (02-06), RAF Lalkenheath GBR (06-...)
McGowan, Dan Cpl. CAF, 15 Wing, Moose Jaw, Canada, ARFF/Structural
(10 Oct 09) McGowan, Todd Battalion Chief, Holloman AFB NM Hill AFB UT (88-90), Hahn/Wuescheim AS DEU (90-93), NORAD (93-95), Nellis AFB NV (95-96); Civ - EG&G Special Projects NV (97-00), Nellis AFB NV (00-04), Holloman AFB NM (04-...)
(25 Apr 10) McGuinn, Gary J.

Sheppard AFB TX (90-92), King Salmon AFB AK (92-19), Hanscom AFB MA (93-97), [Dhahran, KSA, Khobar Towers (94-95), Prince Sultan AB, KSA (96-97), Al Jabar AB, Kuwait (96-97)]

McGuire, Chris Asst Chief for Training/Safety, Fort Bliss F&ES, Fort Bliss TX West Point FD (89-97)
(22 Nov 06) McGuire, Vince, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Safety Engineer, Gilbert AZ Davis Monthan AFB AZ (Plumber), Selfridge ANGB MI (927 CES (AFRC)), Plattsburgh AFB NY, RAF Lakenheath GBR, Chanute AFB IL (Tng Mgr 94-97), Fairchild AFB WA (1st Sgt 97-00), Prince Sultan AB KSA (1st Sgt), Luke AFB AZ (1st Sgt 00-02), Retired Oct 02 at Luke AFB AZ; Currently employed as a fire/life safety engineer with General Dynamics
(29 Nov 04) McGuire, William Firefighter/EMT-I, MOT Sunny Point NC USMA West Point FD NY (94-99)
MSgt McHudson, Theodore A. Crs Supt (Fire Inspector), DOD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX Holloman, Torrejon, & McClellan
(26 Mar 08) SrA McIntosh, Evan M. Crew Chief, Soto-Cano AB Honduras RAF Lakenheath GBR (8/04-5/05), Soto-Cano AB HON (7/07-7/08), Hickam AFB HI (8/08-...)
(16 Jan 09) McIntosh, Gary A. Retired Niagara Falls IAP-ARS NY firefighter Chanute AFB IL (Fire School) (79), RAF Bentwaters GBR (79-81), Dover AFB DE (81-83), O'Hare IAP-ARS IL (83-86), Niagara Falls IAP-ARS NY (86-08).  Current Volunteer
McKain, Doug  Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Grissom ARB IN
McKanna, Jodie L.  Asst Chief for Ops, Sheppard AFB TX
McKay, Jimmy, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)  Retired Fire Chief, Wright-Patterson AFB OH HQ AFMC, Kelly AFB, HQ AFLC, HQ AFCESA, Duke Fld FL, HQ AFRES Robins AFB GA, Dobbins ARB GA, Hurlburt Fld FL, Craid Fld AL, Dannely Fld AL, Sewart AFB TN
(9 Aug 05) McKee, Chris Lt. Firefighter, Rickenbacker IAP Columbus OH Ellsworth AFB SC (90-94), SDANG FD (94-97), Sioux Falls SC FD (97-00), Rickenbacker IAP FD (00-...)
McKinney, Carl (Mac), TSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired FF, Lowery, Cheyenne Mtn, Guam, Bitburg
(1 Sep 08) Todd.J. McKinzie Training Chief, NSA Souda Bay, Crete GCE U.S. Forest Service (77-84),  China Lake Fire Department (84-91),  Camp Pendleton MCB FD, (91-94) China Lake FD (02-06)
(01 Sep 08) McKissic, Vincent C. Driver/FF, Fort Campbell KY Lowry AFB CO (89-92), Andersen AFB Guam (92-95), Little Rock AFB AR (95), Sheppard AFB TX (95-00), Ft Campbell KY (00-04), Fort Greely AK (04-08), Ft Campbell KY (08-...)
(08 Oct 06) A1C McLain, Tyler A. Firefighter/Driver Operator, Randolph AFB TX First Duty Assignment - Randolph AFB TX
(21 Aug 04) McLaren Bruce L., CMSgt, USAF (Ret) Coast Guard Bridge Mgt Spec, St. Louis MO FD:  Fld 2, Eglin AFB FL (54-56), Pusan AB ROK (56), Kunsan AB ROK (56-57), RAF Woodbridge GBR (57-59), FE Warren AFB WY (59-61), Ramey AFB PR (61-64), Westover AFB MA (64-66).  SAFETY:  Westover AFB MA (66-67), Ramstein AB DEU (67-70), Maxwell AFB AL (70-71), Phu Cat AB RVN (71), U-Tapao RTAFB Thailand (71-72), Glasgow AFB MT (72-74), Linsey AS DEU (74-75), Ramstein AB DEU (75-79), Keesler AFB MS (79-83), Scott AFB IL (83-85)
McLean, James MSgt USAF (RET) Fire Inspector, Vandenberg AFB CA
(2 Mar 05) SrA McLean, Jon Nathan Driver/Operator, Crew Chief, Aviano AB ITA Goodfellow AFB TX (Fire School), Aviano AB ITA 
(27 Oct 05) McLelland, Hal Fire Inspector, Sheppard AFB TX Eielson AFB AK (89-92), Sheppard AFB TX (92-...)
(20 Oct 08) McMahan, Jason Nurse Practitioner, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center/Emergency Room, DEU McConnell AFB KS (95-97), Kunsan AB SK (97-98), Nellis AFB NV (98-01), Ramstein AB GE (01-04)
(25 Dec 08) McMahon, Timothy Lead Firefighter, Grissom ARB IN Eglin AFB FL (96-00) Hanscom AFB MA (00), Scott AFB IL (00-08), Grissom ARB IN (08-...)
(4 Dec 05) McManus, Jeff Firefighter, Charlotte NC Chanute AFB IL (Fire School) 1976, Myrtle Beach AFB SC (76-79)
(26 Nov 09) MSgt McMichael, Jason Asst Chief, Malmstrom AFB MT

Misawa AB JAP (90-92), Edwards AFB CA (93-95), Yokota AB JAP (96-01), Malmstrom AFB MT (02-...)

(20 Jul 05) McNeilly, Alex Electrical Engineer, Unisys Corp Chanute AFB IL (Instructor)(75-76), Blytheville AFB AK (76-79)
(1 Nov 05) McNemar, Ralph Center for National Response - Training Specialist/Exercise Analyst Fire Prot Mgr, HQ AFCESA/CEXF, Tyndall AFB FL; Tonopah, RAF Greenham Common UK, Eglin AFB FL
(6 Sep 10) McNerney, Michael, CWO4,  USCGR (Ret)

Navy Region Northwest Fire & Emergency Services, Station 91 -AND- RETIRED!!!!! 31 August 2010 after 38 years!

AF FF at Davis Monthan AFB AZ, RAF Lakenheath GBR, Shaw AFB SC, and Thule AB Greenland
SSgt McPhail, Jason Firefighter/Crew Chief, Elmendorf AFB AK  Lackland AFB TX (8/00-2/02), Bahrain (8/02-11/02), Nellis AFB NV (02/02-08/04), Elmendorf AFB AK (08/04-...)
McPherson, Norman Retired Fire Chief; Asst Chief, Loring FD ME If you know of anyone ever stationed at the Loring AFB FD please contact us at firenorma[at] or or 207-328-4108
(26 Sep 06) McSweeney, Kevin, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Protection Engineer, University of Delaware Dover AFB DE, San Vito AS IT, Norton AFB CA, McGuire AFB NJ, Vogelweh AB GE, Plattsburgh AFB NY, Kunsan AB ROK, Dover AFB DE
(3 Jan 07) McVaugh, Donald, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Homeland Security Project Mgr, Richmond VA Dover AFB DE, Osan AB ROK, 318 RCS, KI Sawyer AFB MI, Aviano AB ITA, Woensdrecht AB NL, Grand Forks AFB ND, RAF Greenham Common GBR
(4 Aug 08) McVay, Donald D. Station Capt, Ft McPherson/Gillem GA Fort Gordon GA (87 - 89; 91-94; 96-03), Fort Bliss TX (94-95), Fort Hood TX (95-96), Fort McPherson (03-...)

Marshal Island 90-91

Air Force Bases:  Travis AFB CA (79-81), Galena AFS AK (81-82), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (82-83), Myrtle Beach AFB SC (88-89)

(5 Nov 11) McVey, Craig A. Rhein/Main AB (77-80), Kirtland AFB,NM (80-81), Eglin AFB,FL (81-83), Zweibrucken AB DEU (83-87)
Meade, David J. MSgt, USAF (Ret) AF FF & HH-43B FF Instructor & FE [at] Bergstrom, Greenham-Common, Little Rock, Ubon, England, Scribner, Kwang Ju, Loring, Chicksands & Tinker
(18 Jan 08) Meade, McKinley Retired Chesterfield Fire & EMS Little Rock AFB AR (73-74), Ubon AB Thailand (74-75), Andrews AFB MD (75-76), Fort Lee VA (77-84), Chesterfield Fire & EMS (84-07)
(18 Aug 08) Meade, Robert M., CMSgt, USAFR (Ret) Fire/EMS Instructor, San Antonio College, San Antonio TX Offutt AFB NE, DaNang AB RVN, Brooks AFB TX, Kelly AFB TX, O'Hare IAP ARS IL, Chicago FD (Ret)
TSgt Meadows, Don   Fire Training Facilitator, 507th CES FD, Tinker AFB OK; Fire Fighter, Arlington TX
(8 Jan 06) Mealey, Jason Driver Operator, Nellis AFB NV Military - Kadena AB JP (93-96), Nellis AFB NV (96-01); Civilian - Nellis AFB NV (01-...) 
SSgt Medina, Albert B.   Instructor, DOD Fire Academy (Fire Officer II Course), Goodfellow AFB TX Kadena, Tonopah Test Range, Nellis
(26 Mar 08) Meek, David  Veteran - USAF FF now living in Brisbane, Australia Maxwell, High Wycombe, Eaker, McChord
(22 Aug 05) Meeks, Dwayne Lt., Engine Co Officer, City of Madison, Station #3, Engine #3 Will trade fire patches
Meeks, Jerry Driver of E-53 (The Pride of the East side), Olathe FD KS Chanute AFB IL Recruit Fire Tng (5/83), Spangdahlem AB GE (7/83-5/85), Homestead AFB FL (5/85-4/87); Wackenjut KCI Airport CFR (5/87-5/88); GS-4 [at] Fort Riley KS (5/88-7/88); Olathe FD KS (8/88-...)_
Meixner, Michael  Fire Lieutenant, City of Madison WI FD
(21 May 05) Melchionne, Michael Firefighter, City of Nashua Fire Rescue, Nashua NH Tyndall AFB FL (96-00)
(18 May 08) Melendez, Winfrid Firefighter, DES Fire Dept., Fort Buchanan PR TSgt, PRANG, 156 CES FD, Muniz ANG Base, Carolina PR
Mello, James C.  NCOIC of Fire Alarm Com Center, Sheppard AFB TX
Mello, Wayne Sr. Fire Chief, Andrews AFB MD
Mellow, Wayne, SMSgt USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, Nellis AFB NV
Melvin, John Driver Operator, Dover AFB NJ FD
SrA Mendence, Justin Fire Fighter, Ramstein AB GE Cannon AFB NM (00-02)
Mendoza, Wil Retired; FF/Medic in FL Torrejon AB SP (88-90), RAF Mildenhall UK (90-92)
Menequin, Daniel WI-ANG, Truax Fld, Madison WI; New Construction Inspector, City of Madison WI FD
(5 May 06) SSgt Merrill, Mark A. Crew Chief, Eglin AFB FL Rhein Main AB DEU (98-00), Altus AFB OK (00-02), Ramstein AB DEU (02-05), Eglin AFB FL (05-...)
Merry, William C., TSgt, USAF (Ret) San Angelo TX Randolph AFB TX (76-80), Carswell AFB TX (82-84), Galena AFB AK (84-85), Dyess AFB TX (85-89), Shemya AFS AK (89-90), Chanute AFB IL (Fire School) (90-93), Goodfellow AFB TX (Fire Academy (93-98); currently Operations & Support Mgr, San Angelo ISD Technology Division
Mertz, Steve Crew Chief, Tinker AFB OK McGuire (74-75), Howard (75-77), Tinker (78-...)
Mesecher, Kenneth A. Ellington Fld ANGB TX Hellenikon AB Greece (84-87), Tyndall AFB FL (87-89), Ellington ANGB TX (89...); Patch Collector
Messenger, Jason Fire Fighter/EMT, Westover ARB MA Williams AFB AZ, Kunsan AB KO (91-92), Lackland AFB TX, Saudi Arabia
(27 Dec 05) Michael, Norman, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Dept of Homeland Security, Lubbock TX Vandenberg AFB CA (73-75 & 77-80), Clark AB PI (75-77), Kadena AB JP (81-84), Holloman AFB NM (84-86), Andersen AFB Guam (86-90), Robins AFB GA (90-97)
(23 Aug 05) Michalski, Henry Retired Former USAF SSgt - 65-69; Kinchloe AFB MI (65-66), Incerlick AB TUR (66-68), Pleiku AB RVN (68-69).  Assigned to FD attached to Air Rescue
SrA Michaud, Scott Firefighter/EMT-I, Loring Commerce Centre (former Loring AFB ME) Dyess AFB TX (94-98), Bangor ANG FD (02-03), Caribou Fire & Ambulance (98-present), Loring FD (98-...)
(27 Jul 08) Michell, Robert B., SMSgt USAF (Ret) 1961-89 Retired, Orlando FL RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge GBR (FC-86-88), RAF Mildenhall GBR, Wethersfield (FC-85-86), Athens, MacDill AFB FL, & Homestead AFB FL
(16 Jul 08) Middleton, Darren Firefighter (EMT), Kitsap Naval Base, Bangor WA Maxwell AFB 77-81, 81-03 Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA. Dept. came under Region Command in 2000. 03-06 Manchester Fuel Depot until station closed in 2006.

Transferred to Bangor

(28 Oct 06) Mikucki, Joseph J. Jr. Firefighter/EMT, VA Hospital, Lyons FD, Lyons NJ
(15 Nov 06) Mileff, Rick Lt, City of Columbus, Div of Fire, Ladder 2/Bomb Sqd

Rick was killed in a motorcycle accident on 12 Jul 06.  His good friend, Jerry Meeks, is the point of contact for information related to Rick.

Howard AFB Panama (83-85), Homestead AFB FL (85-86), Cape Coral FD, Cape Coral FL 86-88)
(26 Jan 10) Miller, Charles Y. Fire & Emergency Services Gulf Coast, Saufley Fld, Pensacola FL

U.S. Air Force Fire Protection 1972-1976. Keesler AFB MS (72-74), Spangdahlem AB DEU (74-76).  USAF Civilian (GS-4, GS-5): Keesler AFB MS (80-81).  USN Civilian (GS-4 to GS-9): NAS Pensacola FL (81-...)

SSgt Miller, Harold "Mark" FF/EMT, Naval Air Eng Station, Lakehurst NJ Duluth (74-75), Eielson, 75-77, Griffiss (77-81), Kunsan (81-82), Griffiss (82-83), Lakehurst NJ (84...)
(15 Dec 08) MSgt Miller, Patrick Asst Chief for Ops, Soto Cano AB Honduras RAF Alconbury GBR (92-95), Little Rock AFB AR (95-99), Osan AB ROK (99-00), Eielson AFB AK (00-03), Eglin AFB FL (03-08), Soto Cano AB Hon (08-09) and follow on to Elmendorf AFB AK (09-...)
Miller, Richard H. Asst Chief for Ops, Lackland AFB TX Eielson AFB AK (76-79), Brooks AFB TX (79-80), Toole Army Depot (80-81), Brooks AFB TX (81-01), Lackland AFB TX (01-...)
MSgt Miller, Tim Team Chief, 94 CES/CEF, Dobbins ARB GA; Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Medcom 1, Atlanta FD
TSgt Millero, Richard R. Jr. Rescue Crew Chief/EMT, B Shift, Cannon AFB NM
(2 Mar 06) Millhoan, David District Chief, Wright Patterson AFB OH Chief, Silvercreek Twp OH FD; Wright Patterson AFB OH (84-...)
TSgt Millner, Fred J. Lead Crew Chief, 927 CES/CEF, Selfridge ANGB, MI
(17 Oct 04) TSgt Minckler, Eric  Asst Chief for Training, Whiteman AFB MO RAF Alconbury GBR, McConnell AFB KS, NATO Ruppertsweiler DEU, Goodfellow AFB TX (Instructor, DoD Fire Academy), Whiteman AFB MO
(7 Jan 09) Capt Minnich, Adam L. Logistics Readiness Officer, Hill AFB UT Former AF firefighter: Pope AFB NC (88-92), Oman (90-91), RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge GBR (92-96) Sheppard AFB TX (96-00).
(30 Aug 08) Minor, Shawn A. Firefighter (EMT), NIOC Sugar Grove WV Firefighter EMT, Sugar Grove WV (04-...)
(1 May 05) Minter, Rob Patrick AFB FL Norfolk VA (91-94), Camp David MD (94-97), Andros Island Bahamas (97-00), Pensacola FL (00-03)
(14 Dec 06) Miranda, David E. Firefighter, Lackland AFB TX Ellsworth AFB, SD, Malmstrom AFB, Mo (TDY, Soto Cano AB Honduras (TDY), Osan AB ROK, Castle AFB CA, Soto Cano AB Honduras (TDY), Riyad AB Saudi Arabia (TDY)
(20 Oct 04) SSgt Miranda, Milton "Papi" Fire Inspector, Hickam AFB HI Patrick AFB FL (97-02), Kunsan AB ROK (02-03), Hickam AFB HI (03-...); TDY to Manta Acuador (2/00-7/00)
(11 Nov 05) Mitchell, Jack L., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired Fire Chief, Malmstrom AFB MT McConnell, Selfridge, Weisbaden, Chicksands, Incerlik, SE Asia, Malmstrom
(25 Jun 11) Mitchell, Keith T., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired;

CEO & Founder of the Safety Plus Fire Consultants Company - www.safetyplusfire.oom

(84-87) Altus AFB / Crew chief, Driver; (87-91) Bitburg AB / Station Chief, Fire Inspector, Crew Chief; (91-98) Charleston AFB / Fire Inspector, Station Chief, NCOIC Alarm Room, Crew Chief; (98-03) DOD Fire Academy - Goodfellow AFB /Instructor Structural Firefighting Principles - Hazmat Apprentice Course, Superintendent for P-23 Distant Learning Course; (03-04) Kunsan AB / Asst. Chief of Training & Operations.
(10 Oct 06) Mitchell, Michael Firefighter, Boston MA Eglin AFB FL (00-03), Hanscom AFB MA (05)
(26 Sep 06) Mitchell, Rodney A. Firefighter/EMT, Grissom ARB IN Malmstrom AFB MT (1/96-3/01), Kunsan AB ROK (4/01-4/02), Malmstrom AFB MT (4/02-4/03), Misawa AB JP (5/03-12/04)
(16 Jun 06) Miyasaki, Joe, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Battalion Chief, , Fort Sam Houston (Camp Bullis), San Antonio TX Andersen AFB Guam (83-84), Myrtle Beach AFB SC (84-93), Minot AFB ND (93-96), Spangdahlem AB DEU (96-00), Altus AFB OK (00-03)
Mock, Stephen P., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, Libby MT Kingsley Fld OR (64-65), Danang RVN (66-67), Mt Home (67-68), Takhli RTAFB (Pedro)(68-69), Upper Heyford (Pedro) (69-73), March (73-76), Torrejon AB SP (76-79), Reese/Terry County Aux (79-80), Sembach (Fire Chief)(81-83), Norton AFB CA (Retired) (84)
(3 Nov 04) Moggio, David "Moj" 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Fire/Ambulance/Police, Easthampton MA RAF Upper Heyford GBR (81-83), Bergstrom AFB TX (83-85), Ramstein AB DEU (85-88), RAF Fairford GBR (88-91), Laughlin AFB TX (91-94), Eareckson (Shemya) AS AK (94) 
Moisan, Tom Asst Chief for Ops (B-Shift), Dobbins ARB GA RAF Fairford UK, Langley AFB VA, Griffiss AFB NY
(14 May 04) Moita, Miguel Portuguese AF FD, Base Aérea 11, Beja / Beja Air Field
(18 Sep 10) Moldenhauer, Stephen Fire Inspector, Fort Bliss TX Wurtsmith AFB MI (84-88), Youngstown ARS OH (89-06), Niagara Falls IAP-ARS NY (06-09), Fort Bliss TX (09-...)
TSgt Molder, Michael Asst Chief for Ops, 164th TN ANG, Memphis IAP TN; Chief, Shelby County FD, Memphis TN
(6 Apr 05) Mondello, Barry P Battalion Chief, NAFBFD - Fire Station 4, Eastside Command, Nellis AFB NV RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge GBR (71-81), Lackland AFB TX (81-83), Nellis AFB NV (84-...)
Mondero, Timothy J. Fire Fighter, Ft Leavenworth KS Ft Leavenworth FD since 85.  Mbr of & Lt at DE Twsp VFD since  79.  Kansas City Intl Airport Crash Rescue Team for 4 yrs.  Mbr NFPA,  Intl Fire Marshals Association & FD Safety Officers Assn.
Monserrate, Luis A. Jr. Ops Area Safety Manager, Southern Peru Limited (open pit copper mine, refinery, port facility, etc.), Moquegua, Peru (former U.S. Army FF)
Monteleone, Steve Chief of Ops, Naval Air Facitlity, El Centro CA Vandenberg, NAS Bermuda, CFAY JP
Montgomery, Clifford Fire Chief, Blue Grass Army Depot Walter Reed AMC; next - Fire Chief FEMA FD, Mt. Weather
MSgt Montgomery, Darren Supt, Financial Operations, Pentagon, Wash DC AF FF [at] Volgeweh (Ramstein), Kelly, Kwang-Ju, & Bergstrom

(29 Dec 09) Montoya, James A.

Battalion Chief, Holloman AFB NM  Holloman 90-96
CMSgt Montoya, Pete M. Fire Prot Mgr (IMA), HQ ACC/CEXF; Battalion Capt, Colorado Springs, CO
(23 Aug 06) SrA Montrey, Brandon P. Firefighter/EMT, 171st Fire Protection Flight, Pittsburgh PA ANG Goodfellow AFB TX (student), Lackland AFB TX (Basic Tng), Slippery Rock VFC/Rescue Team/FF/EMT; Working on my 5-level training with the AF
Monyahan, Rick, HTC (SW), USN (Ret) Firefighter II/EMT II, Nikiski AK US navy Shipboard Firefighter - USS El Paso (LKA-117), USS Fulton (AS-11), USS Frank Cable (AS-40); Patch Collector 
SPC Moore, Jerry L. Jr. CFR Fire Fighter, Aberdeen SD 452 Ordnance Co (Ammo), USA Reserve; Former paid-on-call fire fighter [at] Lafayette Village FD in Fayetteville NC
Moore, Kim Captain, Dover AFB DE Valley Forge Army Hospital FD (74-75),  Coatsville Veterans Hospital FD (75-76), NAS Warminster FD (76-80), Dover AFB FD (80-...) 
(9 May 07) Moore, Michael J. Crew Chief, Scott AFB IL Ellsworth AFB SD, Kadena AB JP, O'Hare IAP, Eglin AFB FL, Scott AFB IL
Moore, Roy Fire Fighter, Selfridge "The Fridge" ANGB MI Hunt big game critters out West - Swap Hunting Trips!
(29 May 07) Moore, Thomas S. Sr., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, Ocean Springs MS England AFB LA (83-85), Chanute AFB IL (Instr) (85-90), Shemya AFS AK (90-91), Keesler AFB MS (91-02), Osan AB ROK (03-04), Barksdale AFB LA (04-07)
(10 Oct 09) More, Dallas Z Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Patrick AFB FL Tyndall AFB FL (9/85-9/87), Ramstein AB DEU (10/87-9/90), Homestead AFB FL (10/90-9/92), Kirtland AFB NM (10/92-11/93), Homestead ARS FL (3/94-7/97), Hurlburt Fld FL (7/97-3/98), Patrick AFB FL (4/98-1/05), Andersen AFB Guam (1/05-08); Assistant Chief of Operations @ Andersen AFB Guam July 07 - Dec 08; & Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention @ Patrick AFB FL Dec 08 - Present
(22 Dec 08) Moriarty, Brian F. Deputy Fire Chief, Haverhill MA Cannon AFB NM (80-82), RAF Greenham Common GBR (82-85) Currently also a Paramedic for Lawrence General Hospital in MA since 87. Haverhill FD since 1987
(19 Nov 05) Morlan, Dave Capt, Bethesda Naval Hospital MD Started in 77 @ NSWC Indian Head MD
(6 Feb 11) MSgt Morris, Daniel FES Program Mgr, HQ AF Global Strike Command, Barksdale AFB LA Dover AFB DE (97-01), Offutt AFB NE (01-03), Kadena AB JP (03-10), HQ AFGSC Barksdale AFB LA (10-...)
(14 Jul 09) Morris, Don  Retired Battalion Chief Chanute Fire School (6/89-9/89), RAF Alconbury GBR (9/89-9/92), Reese AFB TX 9/92-9/97), RAF Lakenheath GBR (9/97-6/99), NAS Pensacola FL (10/99-6/04), Ft Wainwright AK (6/04-09)
(16 Mar 05) Morris, Ken, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired in Rising Sun MD Chanute AFB IL - Training (12/72), Det.1 314 TAW Ft Campbell KY (Air Force, 73-75) - FF/Driver, 193 TEW Gp PA ANG (Harrisburg IAP PA)- FF/Driver (75-76), 166 TAG DE ANG (New Castle Airport DE) -Deputy Chief, 512 AW Dover AFB DE - Assistant Chief of Operations RETIREMENT 31 March 2005 (Air Force connected for 33 Years)
(10 May 09) Morrison, Gerald (Jerry), MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, Ft. Carson CO Loring AFB ME (66-71), Ubon RTAB Thailand (69-70), Barksdale AFB LA (71-73), Andersen AFB Guam (71-72), Hahn AB GE (73-78), Norad (78-85), Osan AB ROK (85-86)
(27 Mar 08) Morrison, John A. Firefighter (EMT/HAZMAT Specialist), Edwards AFB CA Chanute AFB IL (80), San Vito AS ITA (81-83), George AFB CA (83-84), Barstow MCLB CA (85-90), George AFB CA (90), Edwards AFB CA (90-06), Baghdad Fire Rescue Iraq (USMIC Green Zone) (06-07), Edwards AFB CA (1/08-...)
(10 Dec 08) SrA Morrison, Rob Fire Fighter, Charleston AFB SC (Deployed to Kirkuk AB Iraq) 916th Seymour Johnson AFB NC (03-07)
Motley, Todd Fire Fighter/EMT, Def Supply Cen Richmond (DLA), Richmond VA Fort AP Hill, Bowling Green VA (89-91)
Morehouse, Tom Battalion Chief, Klamath Co. Fire Dist. #1, Klamath Falls OR Chanute AFB IL (77), Vandenberg AFB CA (77-79), Andersen AFB Guam (79-80), Kingsley Fld/Klamath Falls Airport (81-82), Klamath Dist. #1 OR (82-...)
Moreno, Pete T. SR. AF FF (48-68) [at] Clark, Eglin, Heneda AB JP, March, West Drayton  (London), Bergstrom, Fairfield Upper Heyford, & Carswell
Morsey, Kevin, SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief forTng, DoD, Nevada Langley, King Salmon, Charleston, Spangdahlem, Gila Bend, Upper Heyford, Altus
(22 Mar 05) Mortello, Kenneth J. Capt/EMT, McGuire AFB NJ Scott AFB IL (90-92), Osan AB ROK (92-93), McGuire AFB NJ (93-00), Dover AFB DE (00-01), McGuire AFB NJ (01-...)
Moses, Ian S. Personal Protection Equip Mgr (PPE), Grampian Fire Brigade HQ UK Training & Review of Fire Fighter Garments - very interested in talking to anyone involved with PPE, heat stress, fabrics & materials
(5 Aug 05) Moss, Cedrick British Petroleum AK RAF Lakenheath GBR (87-90), Langley AFB VA (90-92), Desert Storm (90-91), King Salmon AFB AK (92-93); Where are my dawgs?
(19 Jan 09) Mottor, David A., CMSgt, USAFR (Ret) Fire Chief, Easthampton MA Elmendorf AFB AK, Westover ARB MA
(25 Mar 08) Mounsey, David L., CMSgt, USAF (Ret)  Chief, Fire Emergency Services Flight, Sheppard AFB TX Aviano AB IT (78-82), Vandenberg AFB CA (82-83), Comiso AB IT (83-84), Plattsburgh AFB NY (84-95), Moron AB SP (90-91), Ellsworth AFB SD (95-97), Columbus AFB MS (97-00), Randolph AFB TX (07/00-01/04), Tyndall AFB FL (01/04-02/06), Sheppard AFB TX (3/06-...)
(26 Jun 11) Moylan, John J., III Firefighter/EMT, AF Plant 42, Palmdale CA Elmendorf AFB AK (9/06-3/10), Plant 42 (4/10-...)
Mozey, James Fire Fighter/EMT, Grand Forks AFB ND Louis F. Garland Fire Academy (96), NAS Meridian MS (97-98), Grissom ARB IN (98-99), Grand Forks AFB ND (99-...)
(30 Jan 05) Muck, Michael K. Station Chief, NAS Pensacola FL
(21 Aug 04) Mulac, John J. Jr. Captain, NAS Fallon NV Zweibrucken AB DEU (83-86), Bergstrom AFB TX (86-87), 349 CES/CEF, Travis AFB CA (88-...)
(18 Jul 06) Mullaley, Scott M. Battalion Chief, Ventura Country Fed FD Peterson AFB CO (74-75), Clark AB PI (75-76), Richards-Gebaur AFB MO (76-77)
MSgt Mullane, Todd Fire Fighter, 104 FW, Barnes ANGB, MA
(4 Feb 08) Muller, Terry W., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, Holloman AFB NM Edwards AFB CA, Naha Okinawa, Tahkli and Korat Thailand, Kingsley Field OR, NORAD -  Cheyenne Mountain CO (twice), Sembach AB DEU, Misawa JAP, Holloman AFB NM


MSgt Mullinax, Brian G. 315 CES/CEF, Charleston AFB SC
Mullins, Scott Battalion Chief, Eureka Fire Prot Dist, Eureka MO Eielson (80-84), Blythevile (84-87)
Mundy, Larry E., CMSgt USAF (Ret) Safety Off/Tng Mgr, City of North Las Vegas NV Tainan (70-72), Little Rock (72-75), CCK (75-76), Chanute (Inst: 76-82), Nellis (82-84), Lajes (84-85), Tonopah Test Range (85-92)
(8 Nov 04) Munger, Marshall Driver Operator/EMT, Cheyenne Mountain FD CO USS Constellation Shipboard FF (81-84), Fitzsimons Army Med Cen (85-89), Fed FD San Diego (89-91), Rocky Mt Cheyenne Mt AFS CO (NORAD) (02-...)
MSgt Murdoch, Tim 916 CES FD, Seymour Johnson AFB NC; Lt, Cherry Pt MCAS NC Pope (86-90), Elizabeth City Coast Guard (90-91), Cherry Pt MCAS NC (91...)
Murphy, Daniel J. Fire Chief, Sierra Army Depot MI NAS Kingsville, Andrews AFB MD, Wurtsmith, Okuma Okinawa, England AFB LA, & Osan; former USAFR-IMA TSgt
Murphy, Patrick Truck Washer, Ames Research Ct, Mtn View CA Sembach (87-89)
Murray, Paul W. Fire Chief, NAS/JRB Fort Worth TX AF FF [at] Rickenbaker, Carswell, Shemya
(9 Mar 07) Murray, Quentin Fire Inspector, Office of Prevention, Ft. Gordon FD GA
(20 Sep 08) Musselman, Wilbert, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, Goldsboro NC Retired from AF in 1971 at Plattsburg AFB NY;  I retired in 1971 and moved here to get away from snow & ice. I worked in city fire department for 13 years and retired from there.

Served in Alaska 4 years. 1 YR. at Shemya,1952. Murfy Dome , 1962. and 2 years at Wildwood AFS , Kenai, AL.

4 yrs at Eglin AFB , FL.

5 yrs at Lockbourne AFB, OH.

(12 Jul 08) Myers, Charlie, SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, Brookfield FD, WI Kadena AB JP (77-79), Loring AFB ME (79-82), Chanute AFB IL (Instructor) (82-86), Elmendorf AFB AK (86-90), HQ AMC Scott AFB IL (90-94), Andersen AFB Guam (94-96), Dover AFB DE (96-97)
(13 Apr 07) Myers, David E., MSgt, USAF, (Ret) Safety Inspector, Shippensburg University PA RAF Lakenheath UK, McGuire AFB NJ, UAE Desert Shield/Storm, King Salmon AK, Joint Task Force Bravo Honduras, Ali Al Salem AB Kuwait, Camp Stronghold Freedom Uzbekistan, Currently A member Vigilant Hose Co 52 Shippensburg PA
Myers, Jack Asst Chief for Training, Ft. McCoy F&ES WI USN-NAS Agana Guam, USS Oriskany, USS Kitty Hawk, USNR HC-9 CSAR; FedFire San Diago 79-89, Miramar Sta 8, NTC E-13 & NOSC Sta-13; Ft. Lewis WA 89-02 & Ft. McCoy WI 01-...
Myers, Jason  Fire Fighter/EMT, Ft Worth FD; 917 CES FD, Barksdale AFB LA
(5 Jan 09) Myers, Nick Firefighter (EMT), Sunnypoint Military Ocean Terminal, Southport NC Shaw AFB SC (97-01), Charleston AFB SC (01-08), Sunnypoint NC (08-...)