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(3 Sep 04) Rabonza, Tony, CMSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Special Ops, Nellis Fire & Emergency Svs, Nellis AFB NV Retired CMSgt, USAF (77-03).  RAF Lakenheath UK, Tyndall AFB FL, Vandenberg AFB CA, Florennes Belgium, Vandenberg AFB CA, Lajes Azores (Portugal), Howard AFB Panama, Scott AFB IL, Kadena AB Okinawa JP, DoD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX 
(5 Jun 04) Rackl, James F. Retired; Asst Chief, Woodmoor/Monment Fire Protection Dist Grand Forks, Andrews, Chanute
(16 Mar 05) Rackley, Howard S. Retired GS-12, Contractor, DSCR, Richmond VA [at] Dover 1960-65.  Likes to keep in touch with friends from the FD
(23 May 04) SrA Rahn, Brendon Pumper Driver Operator, Camp Arifjan Kuwait
Ramirez, Juan, SMSgt USAFR (Ret) Asst Chief for Ops, Brooks AFB TX
(1 Jun 08) Ramm, Karl Firefighter/NREMT-B, Fort Dix NJ Travis AFB CA (96-00), McClellan AFB CA (00), McGuire AFB NJ (00-05), Fort Dix NJ (05-...)
(16 Jun 05) Ramm, Vincent Dept of Homeland Security, Office for Domestic Preparedness, FEMA Region 4, Thomasville GA USAF Security Police (79-89), MD ANG Fire Dept (91-02), Airport FF, Baltimore MD (91-03); Retired USAF/ANG
TSgt Ranard, Greg Instructor Supv, Fire Officer Courses, DoD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX Andersen AFB Guam (86-88), Scott AFB IL (88-93), Andersen AFB Guam (93-95), Goodfellow AFB TX (95-...)
(27 Jan 05) TSgt Randolph, Tim Asst Chief for Operations, Holloman AFB NM Whiteman AFB MO (94-98), Spangdahlem AB GE (98-01); TDY:  Riyadh (09-12/95), Bosnia (07-11/98), PSAB (12/00-03/01), Qatar (09/01-02/02), Bahrain (11/02-6/03)
(2 Feb 08) TSgt Rankel, Richard A. Station Capt, Ellington JRB TX USMC Crash Crew/FF, MCAS Yuma AZ (94-98), 147 FW, Ellington Fld FD, Houston TX (99...)
Ranson, Allison Driver Operator, USCG Kodiak AK
(16 May 07) Rath, Scott P. Fire Inspector, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio TX Torrejon AB ESP, Rhein Main AB DEU, Osan AB ROK, San Vito AB ITA, Kunsan AB ROK, Lackland AFB TX
(6 Feb 11) Rautenkranz, Marcel B. Crew Chief; Actg Station Capt, Sembach AB DEU Rhein-Main AB DEU (83-06), Ramstein AB DEU (06-10), Sembach AB DEU (10-...)
SSgt Rawson, John Dover AFB DE Osan, Travis, Croughton, Upper Heyford, & Tyndall
(6 Sep 10) Ray, Joseph "Scotty" Crew Chief, Clear AFS AK Would love to hear from former co-workers
(29 Sep 08) Ray, Loye L. Firefighter/EMT/HAZMAT, Tobyhanna Army Depot PA Altus AFB OK, Westover ARB MA, McGuire AFB NJ, Andrews AFB MD
Rayburn, David J. Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Minot AFB ND
(25 Dec 08) Raymond, Daniel G., CMSgt, USAFR, (Ret) Retired, West Fargo ND Retired 19 Nov 2007 from AF Reserves, last assignment Elmendorf AFB, AK; Assignments include Laughlin AFB TX, Balad AB, Iraq, Little Rock AFB AR, Sheppard AFB TX, Reese AFB TX, Ellsworth AFB SD, Anderson AFB Guam, and  O'Hare IAP-ARS IL
(1 Jun 07) MSgt Raynor, Chris Asst Chief for Ops, Soto Cano AB Honduras Eaker AFB AR, RAF Bentwater/Woodbridge, Plattsburgh AFB NY, Mountain Home AFB ID, Ellsworth AFB SD, Soto Cano AB Honduras, Peterson AFB CO
(8 Nov 10) Dr. Reams, Robert

Tareek Refinery, Reams Engineering & Construction Corp., ABU Dhabi UAE

Chanute AFB IL (76), Norton AFB CA (76-77), RAF Alconbury GBR (77-81), Norton AFB CA (AFRC) (81-88), Saudi Aramco, SA (90-95), Samad SA (95-98), ADCO UAE (98-00), Omaha NE (01-02), Los Angeles AFB CA (02-03); Safety, Health, and Environment Advisor, Petrochemical Industries Company, Ahmadi, Kuwait, HHI - Kuwait, CCC-Abu Dhabi UAE, GS E&C, Korea, Thailand, Oman projects
(25 Mar 08) Rebbe, Ron Crew Chief, Scott AFB Il Minot AFB ND, Fort Sheridan IL, Homestead ARB FL, Scott AFB IL
(6 Jun 05) Redbear, Joe Robinson Firefighter, Weststory Gilbert, Gilbert IA
MSgt Redding, Ron USAF FF (st civ), 188 FW, Ebbing ANGB AR Carswell
SrA Reed, Benjamin A. Sr Alarm Room Operator/Supv, Ali Al Jaber Kuwail
(8 Nov 10) Reedy, John A. Fire Chief, New Castle County Airport, New Castle DE Clark, Vandenberg, Dover, & Osan
(26 Jul 06) Reese, Andy Driver/Firefighter, KBR, Kandahar AB AFG
Reeves, Maurice (Mort) Just wanted to let everyone know that on 6-01-2005 I retired for Federal Service. I spent 35 years doing a job I truly loved. I have moved back to Illinois with my wife and son. Homestead AFB FL (70-71), Shemya AFB AK (71-72), Hurlburt AFB FL (72-74), O'Hare IAP-ARS IL (83-96), Homestead ARB FL (96-05) (Retired)
(31 Jan 09) Reichenbach, Scott Asst Chief for Operations, Defense Logistics Agency, New Cumberland PA Fort Ritchie MD (83-96), New Cumberland PA (96-...)
(14 Aug 07) Reilly, Michael Fire Protection Specialist - Training, West Point Fire Headquarters
(24 Feb 09) Reimer, Matthew Asst Chief for Ops, Fort McPherson GA Ft McPherson GA, NSA Naples ITA, Cherry Point NC, NSA Souda Bay GCE, Altus AFB OK
Reinhardt, Matthew T. Actg Capt/EMT, Berkeley FD, St Louis MO Elmendorf AFB AK (90-93), McConnell AFB KS (93-95), Scott AFB IL (AFR) (96-99)
Reinhardt, Michael T. Fire Fighter/Driver, Kennedy Space Center FL Former SSgt, Travis AFB CA (83-86), Rhein Main AB GE (86-91), Kessler AFB MS (91-92); CCAS/KSC FD (92-...)
(2 Jan 06) Remel, Robert W. CMSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, outside the East Gate, Eglin AFB FL Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, AK, Diego Garcia, AR, CA, LA, MS, FL; Enlisted 1/58--Retired 1/90
(19 Jun 09) Reynolds, Jay, CMSgt USAFR (Ret) Senior Instructor, Delaware State Fire School Res Fire Chief, 512 CES, Dover AFB DE and 459 CES, Andrews AFB MD
(31 Oct 07) SSgt Reynolds, Jerry Fire Inspector, Peterson AFB CO Charleston AFB SC (97-00), Kadena AB JP (00-05), Cheynne Mt AFB CO (05-07)
(27 Dec 05) Reynolds, Joe Cape Cod MA USAF Fire Protection: Pease AFB NH (85-86); Shemya AFB AK (86-87); Edwards AFB CA (87-89); Kunsan AB ROK (89-90); Cannon AFB NM (80-92); Mass ANG, Otis ANG Base, Cape Cod, MA (81-84); DOD Civ: NAS South Weymouth, Mass (92-95); USAF RES: Hanscom AFB, MA/Columbus AFB MS (94-96); Ham Radio Op: KA1GDQ
(23 Nov 04) Reynolds, Paul R., Jr., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Emergency Services Training Director, Southwestern Oregon CC, Coos Bay, OR Pease AFB NH ( 76-78), Edwards AFB CA (78-80), McChord AFB WA (80-85 / 1 year [at] fire & 4 years [at] PME instructor), Kwang Ju ROK (85-86), McClellan AFB CA (86-92 / 1 year [at] fire & 5 years [at] PME commandant), North Auxiliary AF (92-96, 6 mos [at] Coronet Aspen), Retired June 96. Currently run fire/emt school in OR
Rhein, Bruce Training Chief, Barksdale AFB LA Kirtland (79-81, 86-89, 90-95, 96-97), Osan (81-82, 83-85), Cannon (82-83), Suwon (89-90), Barksdale (97...)
Rhoads, Jeff Lead FF, Columbus AFB MS Falcon AFB CO, Andersen AFB Guam, Eglin AFB TX, Ft Hood TX
Rhode, Richard S. "Scotty" Asst Chief for Training, Fed FD on Oahu HI
(24 Aug 04) Rhodes, Clyde, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired Former Fire Chief [at] Feancom AFB JP (55-56); Would enjoy connecting with old friends
Rhodes, Kurt "Dusty" Pope AFB NC Offutt, Andersen, Pruem, Hahn, & Dyess
Rhodes, Ronald J. Jr. AF Fire Fighter [at] Little Rock, Shemya, and Sheppard
Ricard, Alan Fire Fighter, Canaan NH
Ricard Brian SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Kadena, Altus, Taegu, Loring, Mildenhall, Fairchild, Osan
Rice, Steve, MSGT, PA ANG (Ret) Fire Fighter, Philadelphia, Engine 78, Philadelphia IAP PA AD - Westover AFB MA (71-74)
(10 Sep 07) ABH!/E-6 Rice, Tony Asst Training Officer, Rota ESP FD
Rich, Mike Rickenbacker IAP OH Eielson AFB AK, Little Rock AFB AR
TSgt Richards, Fred Dir FD Readiness, Kadena AB JP Laughlin AFB TX, Galena AFS AK, Moody AFB GA, Sembach AB DEU, Patrick AFB FL, Kadena AB JP
(24 Aug 08) Richardson, Charles A. CMSgt, USAF (Ret) Retired, Port Orange FL
(2 Mar 05) Richardson, Leroy Asst Chief for Operations, Eagle Base, Bosnia & Herzegovina Goodfellow AFB TX (95), Hurlburt Fld FL (95-03), Shemya AFB AK (03-04), Bosnia (04-...)
SSgt Richmond, Paul Asst Chief for Training, Rickenbacker ANGB OH Prior Marine 7051
(18 Nov 08) Richardson, Steven D. Fire Crash Rescue Officer, Alpena MI Combat Readiness Training Center Battle Creek MI ANGB (91-08), Attended training at Chanute AFB IL (4-5/92), Firefighter/Inspector, D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant (90-91)
(30 Dec 08) MSgt Rickard, Timothy W. Jr. Asst Chief for Operations, Cannon AFB NM Kadena AB JP (90-94), Laughlin AFB TX (94-96), Kadena AB JP (96-01), 554 RHS Silver Flag Site (01-05), Andersen AFB GU (05-08), Cannon AFB NM (08-...)
(22 May 05) Rickord, Scott Driver Operator, Rickenbacker FD OH
(16 Nov 06) MSgt Riehle, Kevin W. HQ AMC IG Inspection Team, Fire Emergency Services, Scott AFB IL Ellsworth (89-90), Kunsan (91-92), Alconbury (92-95), Eglin (95-97), Kunsan (97-99), Soto Cano (99-01), Lakenheath (01-04), Scott AFB IL (04-...)
(22 Jan 11)  Riewald, Dean, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Deputy Fire Chief, NAVSTA Guantanamo Bay CU

Prior assignments: RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge GBR, Maxwell AFB AL, CCAF-Maxwell AFB AL, Osan AB ROK, Andersen AFB GU, Yokota AB JP, Kunsan AB ROK

Rifino, Vincent T. Truck Capt, City of Glendale CA AF FF [at] Plattsburgh & Andersen
(24 Jan 09) Riggs, Michael A. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Ellsworth AFB SD (89-90), Andersen AFB Guam, (90-92), Yokota AB JAP (92-94)
Riley, Kevin Lt, RI ANG FD, Quonset ANGB N. Kingstown RI Enlisted RI ANG (85-92), North Providence FD Sta 2 Call FD (86-89), Seekonk FD Call FD (99-...); Married w/1 child and wife is grateful I am in the crash-rescue business.
(19 Jan 05) Ringheiser Paul Jr. Fire Chief, Tobyhanna Army Dept, Tobyhanna PA SMSgt, USAFR
Ringheiser Paul III Fire Fighter/EMT, MCAS Cherry Point NC; IMA Reservist at Patrick AFB FL Ellsworth AFB SD, Prince Sultan AB, Soto Cana Honduras, Ramstein AB GE, Al Jaber AB, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Dobbins ARB GA
(23 Mar 06) Ristino, Paul P., TSgt, USAFR, (Ret) Lt., Ladder Co. 21, Boston FD, Boston MA Bergstrom AFB TX (81-85), IMA at Chanute AFB IL and Hanscom AFB MA, Retired from Reserves in 2000
(15 Sep 05) Ristow, Karl E. Jr., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Chief, St. John's Fire Dist, Charleston SC Cannon (80-82), Ramstein (82-86), Shaw (86-89), Chanute AFB IL (Instructor) (89-93), Shaw (93-95
SrA Rivera, Alex FF/EMT/Driver Operator, Beale AFB CA
CMSgt Rivera, Joe Fire Protection Program Manager, HQ AFCESA/CEXF, Tyndall AFB FL
Roach, Matthew Fire Fighter/Driver Operator, Rickenbacker IAP, Columbus OH
SSgt Roach, Paul "Hondo" FF/Driver Operator/Paramedic, Rickenbacker IAP OH Would love to hear from fellow fire fighters
(19 May 09) Robbins, Chris Firefighter/EMT/Driver Operator, Fort Myer VA NAS Whiting Field FL (99-02), MCRD Parris Island SC (03-05), USAG Fort Myer FL (05-08)


Roberts, Glen A. Lt., Woodbridge VA
Roberts, Jess Fire Chief/Paramedic, Scott Township FD, Evansville IN
TSgt Roberts, Robyn L. Station Capt, Seeb North AB Oman Eglin AFB FL - Duke Fld (87-91), RAF Chicksands UK (91-94), FE Warren AFB WY (94-00), Andersen AFB Guam (00-02), Fairchild AFB WA (02-...)
(19 Jul 06) Roberts, Rich "Robby," TSgt USAF Ret ARFF Firefighter (LM), New York State Yokota, McConnell, Aviano, Griffiss, Osan, Wallas, Hanscom
(30 May 09) Robertson, Mike, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Chief, Training Development, DOD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX Loring, Rhein-Main, Hurlburt, Kunsan, & Langley
(24 Sep 04) Robertson, Rob Asst Chief, Fort Wainwright AK Kincheloe AFB MI (71-73), RAF Mildenhall GBR (73-74), RAF Lakenheath GBR (74-78), Norton AFB CA (78-79), MCAS Tustin CA (79-93), NAS Adak AK (93-94), Fort Wainwright AK (93-...); Retired IMA MSgt, Norton AFB CA
(14 Dec 09) Robinett, Benjamin Firefighter/EMT, Fort Carson CO  
Robinson, Alan Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Orange County Fire Authority, CA  Ellsworth (76-80) & 445 CES/CEF Reserve FD, Norton AFB CA (81-91)
(14 Feb 05) SSgt Robinson, Daniel A. NCOIC of Logistics, Andrews AFB MD USAF Academy, Deployed to Haiti (Operation Uphold Democracy) and Karshi-Khanibad Uzbekistan; 

Currently deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq! I will be here from 15 Jan 05 to ?? May 05! Just trying to do my part in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom!


Tsgt Robinson, Earl "Robi"  Fire Training Facilitator, 934 CES/CEF, Minneapolis-ST. Paul IAP-ARS MN
CMSgt Robinson, Glen K. 94 CES Fire Chief, Dobbins ARB GA
TSgt Robinson Timothy E. "Robi" Battalion Chief, Vandenberg AFB CA Charleston AFB SC, Kadena AFB JP, Offutt AFB NE, Lackland AFB TX
(19 Nov 06) Robinson, Victor B. Jr. Alexandria VA Chief of Air Force Fire Protection, 1961-70
(5 Nov 11) Robison, Wesley L Asst Fire Chief, Columbus AFB MS Sheppard AFB TX, Reese AFB TX, Eielson AFB AK & Seymour Johnson AFB NC
(6 Feb 11) Robitaille, Daniel, SMSgt, USAFR (Ret) Training / Shift Capt, Y-12 National Security Complex TN Spangdahlem AB DEU (80-82), Plattsburgh AFB NY (83), Hanscom AFB MA (84-86), Rhein-Main AB GE (86-90), Tyndall AFB FL (90-91), Gabreski ANGB NY (91-93), Jacksonville ANGB FL (93-95), Patrick AFB FL (95-04), Mt Home AFB ID (IMA) (05-10), Seymour Johnson AFB NC (IMA) (10 - Retired AFR), KSC/CCAFS FL Asst Chief Retired 09
(5 Jul 04) Rode, Bob Firefighter, Wausau FD, Wausau WI Zweibrucken AB DEU (90-91), Hurlburt Fld FL (91-93), Al Kharj SA
(6 Sep 10) Rodenas, Robert C., CWO3 Fire Inspector, CPFD Camp Pendleton CA

MCAS ElToro CA (78-84), Okinawa JP (84-85), MCAS ElTora CA (85-87), KayBay HI (87-92), 29Palms CA (92-96), MCAS Tustin CA (96-97) Camp Pendleton CA (97-01)

(29 Dec 09) Rodgers, Logan Firefighter/EMT, Pohakuloa/Kilauea Fire & Emergency Services HI Former AF SrA [at] Peterson AFB CO (00-02, Andersen AFB Guam (02-04), Eglin AFB FL (04), Fort Carson CO (05-09)
(10 May 08) Rodman, Richard J. Safety Manager, Minot ANG ND Firefighter Minot AFB 1974 - 1986; Schools - P4, P2, Rescue, Weapons, Fire Prevention, Fire Investigations
(2 Jan 05) Rodriguez, Gelacio Asst Chief for Training, NAVSTA Great Lakes IL Whiteman AFB MO (86-90), O'Hare ARS-IAP IL (90-97)
Rodriguez, Jimmy Fire Fighter, Ft Bliss TX Ellsworth, Shemya & Holloman
(16 Apr 06) Rodriguez, William Rescue Lt., Hialeah FD FL RAF Alconbury GBR (79-81), Charleston AFB SC (81-83), Kwang Ju AB ROK (83-84), Howard AFB PAN (84-87), Homestead AFB FL (87-99)
(20 Aug 09) Roe, Christopher W. Manager of Fire Protection and Prevention, VA Fire Service, Chicago IL  Peoria, IL ANG (96-01), Scott AFB IL (01-05), Bagram-Kabul (05-07), VA Fire Service (09-...) 
SSgt Roe, Mark Fire Fighter, Pettis County MO Fire Dist 
Romanelli, Stephen Driver Operator/FF II, EMT-D, HM Ops & Tech, Submarine Base FD, Groton CT Career since 4/87, Prior to Sub base employed at NUSC New London; Collector of die cast fire apparatus
(3 May 11) Ronneburger, Michael H. Industriepark Frankfurt Höchst, Gefahrenabwehr DEU I'd like to get in contact to former members of the Rhein Main Air base Fire Dept who served there between the years 84 until 90
Rose, John Raymond Jr. Driver/Operator, McGuire AFB NJ Soto Cano AB Honduras, Travis AFB CA
(5 Jan 09) Rosenow, Keith Home Improvement - Retail Former USAF FF [at] Spangdahlem AB DEU (86-88), Beale AFB CA (88-89), MN ANG (90-95).  Patch collector/trader
Rotkis, Paul Capt, Kulis FD, Anchorage AK Ft Wainwright (92-94)
MSgt Roig, George M. Asst Chief for Training, 179 AW, Lahm Apt, Mansfield OHANG Spangdahlem, Loring; Fire Fighter, City of Elyria OH
Rooney, James T. "Mick" Driver Operator, NAS Jacksonville FD Former AF SSgt.  1981-1992 - Tyndall, Kunsan, Upper Heyford, Randolph, Ryiad SA
(27 Sep 06) Rose, Jason D. Lead Firefighter/EMT-A, Mountain Home AFB ID McChord AFB WA (92-93), Elmendorf AFB AK (93-97), Kuwait (96), Randolph AFB TX (97-00), UAE (98)
(13 Apr 07) Rose, D. Scott Firefighter/HAZMAT Tech, Fort Hood TX Chanute AFB IL (92), Plattsburg AFB NY (92-95), Berthoud FPD CO (95-00), Rocky Ford FD CO (00-01), Pueble Chemical Depot CO (01-03), Fort Hood, TX (03-...)
Rosenlykke, Bjarne Asst Chief for Training, 12 SWS, Thule AB Greenland
(17 May 06) Ross, Howard J., MSgt, USAF (Ret) Fire Inspector, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Zweibrucken AB DEU, Little Rock AFB AR, Eglin AFB FL, RAF Wethersfield GBR, RAF Lakenheath GBR, Castle AFB CA, Wiesbaden AS DEU, Travis AFB CA, TDY - Cairo West EGY
Ross, Richard Asst Chief for Tech Svs, Kirtland AFB NM
(10 May 09) Rousch, Gene, CMSgt, USAF (Ret) Sr Fire Protection Specialist, Washington Navy Yard, Wash DC (75-05) Minot AFB ND, Grand Forks AFB ND, Iraklion AS Crete, GCE, Cannon AFB NM, (Desert Shield/Storm), Eareckson (Shemya) AFS AK, US Air Force Academy CO, PACAF Hqs, Kadena AB JAP, (Iraqi Freedom)
(12 Jan 10) Sgt Rountree, Edward N. Army Truck Driver, Ramadi IQ 1999-02 Grand Forks AFB firefighter. Volunteer at Palmer Lake CO 07-08
Rousey, Roger D. Asst Fire Chief, Robins AFB GA Dyess, Shemya, Ellsworth, Blytheville
(6 Mar 10) Routh, Michael, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Firefighter, VA, Perry Point MD Chanute AFB IL - FD (90-93), Keesler AFB MS (93-95), Kunsan AB ROK (95-96), Keesler AFB MS (96-01), Instructor, Louis F. Garland Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB TX (01-05), Dover AFB DE (05-09)
SMSgt Rouvet, E.J. Fire Chief, 363 ECES, Prince Sultan AB Saudi Arabia
Rowe, Brian W. Paramedic/Firefighter, Colleton County SC Hellenikon AB GR (86-88), McConnell AFB KS (88-91), Elmendorf AFB AK (91-96), Edwards AFB CA (96-97), Ft Riley KS (97-02), Charleston AFB SC (02-...).  Retrainee - interests in FF history & playing jazz.  Part Time paramedic [at] Charleston Co. EMS
Rowlson, Chris Fire Chief, 127 WG, Selfridge ANGB MI  Plattsburgh, DaNang, Pleiku, & Spangdahlem
(19 Apr 06) Royds, Jim FF/EMT, Lakehurst Naval Base, Lakehurst NJ FF @ Grand Forks (86-90)
(28 Nov 04) TSgt Ruff, Bret Crew Chief, 944 CES, Luke AFB AZ
Ruffolo, Joseph, TSgt, USAF (Ret) Deputy Fire Marshal, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Ret AF FF; Maxwell (79-81), King Salmon (81-82), McGuire (82-83), Weathersfield (83-84), Bentwaters/Woodbridge (84-87), Andrews(87-94) McConnell (94-99)
Rugen, Charlie Fire Fighter/Rescue, Robins AFB GA McGuire, Galena, Upper Heyford, Ft Devens
Rulapaugh John "Rudy" Fire Chief, Keesler AFB MS Andrews AFB MD, Brandywine, Bolling AFB DC, Laughlin AFB TX
(16 Oct 06) Russell, Greg, SMSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Training, Elmendorf AFB AK Eglin AFB FL (85-89), Shemya AFB AK (89-90), Chanute AFB IL (Instructor) (90-03), Goodfellow AFB TX (Instructor) (93-98), Osan AB ROK (98-99), Schriever AFB CO (99-00), Holloman AFB NM (00-02), HQ PACAF (02-06)
(14 Aug 06) Russell, Kevin, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Union Pacific NV Torrejon AB ESP (84-87), Chanute AFB IL (87-92), Rhein Main AB DEU (92-96), Grand Forks AFB ND (96-98), McChord AFB WA (intelligence) (98-00), Osan AB ROK (00-01), McChord AFB WA (01-04)
(15 Oct 08) Rutherford, Scott J. Asst Chief for Ops, Hanscom AFB MA Started at Krtland AFB NM (84-88), Hanscom AFB MA (88-...)
Ryalls, Rod, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Asst Chief for Fire Prevention, Sheppard AFB TX Brooks AFB TX (83-85), Vogelweh AB GE (85-87), Cheyenne Mt AFS CO (87-91), Ramstein AB DEU (91-95), Sheppard AFB TX (95-98), Osan AB ROK (98-99), Sheppard AFB TX (99-02), Charleston AFB SC (02-04); Sheppard AFB TX (Civil Service)(03-...); Co-owner Fed Firestore 
Ryan, John F. Fire Fighter, Ft Gordon GA AF FF
Ryan, Thomas Chief, Fire Prot Tng Branch, Eglin AFB FL
(9 Feb 07) Rzycki, John E., TSgt, USAF (Ret) Firefighter, Fayetteville NC FD, Station 11 Lowry AFB CO, Galena AFB AK, KI Sawyer AFB MI, Moody AFB GA, Goodfellow AFB TX (Instr [at] DoD Fire Academy), Pope AFB NC