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20 March 18 - Firefighter/EMT (3 positions) - Mission Support and Test Services (Nevada National Security Site) - Nevada, USA

21 February - Travelling Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Technician - AOS Services - Southern California, USA and Worldwide

01 March 18 - Emergency Services Dispatcher - Vectrus Systems Corporation - Kuwait

14 February 18 - Industrial Firefighter (2 positions) - Rural Metro Fire Department - Lake Charles, LA, USA

08 January 18 - Alarm Communications Operator - ASRC Federal - Vance AFB, OK, USA

07 December 17 - Fire Protection Engineer (2 Openings) - WACOL - Multiple Locations - Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq

30 November 17 - Industrial Firefighter (2 Openings) - Industrial Emergency Services - Louisiana, USA

30 November 17 - Firefighter/Apparatus Operator - New Hanover County - North Carolina, USA

30 November 17 - Firefighter - New Hanover County - North Carolina, USA

28 November 17 - Assistant Fire Chief of Training - Wolf Creek Federal Services/Chugach - Ascension Island

17 November 17 - Firefighter - Wolf Creek Federal Services/Chugach - Ascension Island

14 November 17 - Assistant Fire Chief of Health and Safety - Vectrus Systems Corporation - Moron AFB, Spain

14 November 17 - Assistant Fire Chief of Operations - Vectrus Systems Corporation - Incirlik AFB, Turkey

02 November 17 - Firefighters (3 positions) - National Security Technologies - Nevada, USA

02 November 17 - Firefighter - National Security Technologies - Nevada, USA

27 October 17 - Firefighter and Firefighter-Lieutenant - PAE Inc - Antarctic

20 October 17 - Firefighter (2 each) - Portland Airbase Fire Department - Oregon, USA

18 October 17 - Firefighter EMT/EMTP (2 each) - Williston Fire Department - North Dakota, USA

18 October 17 - Probationary Firefighter - 130th Airlift Wing - West Virginia, USA