This site is provided to:

  • Provide an unofficial means of communication between DoD firefighters and other interested persons
  • Provide useful products not readily available on official web sites
  • Provide an unofficial forum for discussion and advice
  • Assist in maintaining contact with friends and acquaintances
  • Support retirees and pioneers
  • Share the history of DoD fire and emergency services

This site does not collect specific information about visitors or users without their knowledge. General statistical data is gathered regarding the number of of visitors and similar general statistical information.

Information is gathered on users of the DoDFire Forum and is maintained as long as the individual is registered.

Information in the various clubs, to include names, locations and email addresses, is received from the individuals wishing to be listed in a club. All information maintained on these club members are publicly available and visible in the clubs. Good faith measures are taken to prevent automated email harvesting by organizations that generate junk mail or mail lists. However, there is no guarantee that the email address will not be harvested.

Email addresses and other personal information collected at is never sold for profit, or provided free to anyone.

Very personal information such as home address and home or personal telephone numbers are generally not published on this site except when a point of contact is contained in a job listing or similar purposes.